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Purple Powder e Juice by Le Banger e-Liquid


Wouldn’t it be the best miracle ever if grape sugar were a naturally occurring thing that you could buy in giant bags at the grocery store? Since it’s not, Lé Banger has created its own delicious miracle with Purple Powder e-liquid. So many delicious candy flavors meet head-on in this complex, yet super-intense flavor profile.

The top flavor tastes like sweet grape powdered candy that you can eat with a sugary stick or just pour right into your mouth (don’t do that with the e-juice, though). Purple Powder has a slight punch of sour candy that you can taste under your tongue during the inhale. To top things all off, Lé Banger has added the distinct flavor of juicy pears, creating a candy concoction that’s utterly irresistible.

You’ll get some pretty thick and delicious smelling clouds when you vape Purple Powder E-Liquid too, since it’s made with 70% VG and 30% PG.
Get a virtual sugar high with Lé Banger’s super-sweet Purple Powder E-Juice today!


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