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Java Breeze e Juice (30 mL)

Frosty menthol coupled with a jolt of freshly roasted coffee is just what you need to start your morning off with a bang. The Java Breeze WOW E juice will remind you of that time you took a stroll on the beach with a cup of mint-infused coffee in your hand and not a care in sight. It's also a great coffee vape flavor to enjoy on a crisp fall evening or a cold winter night.

This e liquid contains a strong menthol and coffee mix that will be sure to get you going when you're trying to get out of bed, or trying to find the energy to finish up the workday.
  • Java breeze
    Review by Tessie on 1/26/2015
    This is my fav! Cool soft mint with a splash of java it's so satisfying.
  • My favorite ADV!
    Review by Lynn on 9/30/2014
    My favorite all day vape!
  • My favorite and all time go-to!
    Review by Michelle on 9/9/2014
    I have many bottles of flavors I have tried, but I keep coming back to the java breeze because it satisfies my menthol craving with a bit of coffee to keep it funky! Love Love LOVE!

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