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Smilin Tobacco Menthol e Juice (30 mL)

The Smilin Tobacco Menthol WOW Vapor E-Juice flavor is the only e-juice on the market that gives you the true to taste flavor of an actual cigarette right out of the pack. Designed and perfected by our founder, a former menthol smoker, this tobacco e liquid recreates the truest menthol cigarette taste you'll ever imagine for your e cigarette. Top e cig publications like Spinfuel and Vapor Digest have rated this flavor (which also comes in our disposable e cigarettes) as the top disposable flavor on the market.

Smilin Tobacco Menthol e liquid's similarity to a traditional cigarette is unreal.

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  • My friend loves it!
    Review by Kerry on 8/7/2017
    Have a smoker friend who was looking to switch to vaping so got her set up with a Titan kit and this juice and she was so pleased she has permanently switched and it was because of this menthol juice in 1.8!
  • Superb flavor
    Review by Kathy on 12/8/2016
    This is my go to non-nicotine menthol ejuice when I wanna chain vape with my Vapor Zeus and enjoy flavor with tons of vape clouds.
  • Attention all menthol lovers
    Review by Steve on 11/22/2016
    This is the E-juice you'd want to buy and add to a tank along with Premium Smilin Special Menthol Nobacco Juice for the ultimate non-analog menthol smoking experience. Even just by itself it's an amazing and unreal E-juice that will satisfy any menthol lover.
  • I like this one
    Review by kevin on 8/29/2016
    Not too harsh, great flavor. 1.8 nic. is my preference. Ex smoker and I enjoy the tobacco flavors. This is the one for me. Thanks V4L !
  • Great tobacco taste
    Review by Bradley on 8/25/2016
    Menthol doesn't overpower it at all. Really nice and fresh tobacco taste. If you smoked menthol cigs this is the one you should try first.
  • The best!
    Review by Dona on 6/14/2014
    I have been using my Dial-A-Volt auto since January of this year and haven't looked back. Just celebrated being tobacco-free for 6 months! I combine this e-liquid with Dunwoody menthol and get great flavor, great vapor and all the enjoyment I could ask for. Great product from a great company.
  • THE tobacco menthol
    Review by Mr. Catch the Vapor on 5/7/2014
    The menthol on this flavor is not overpowering and right to my liking. I give a great tobacco taste letting off the closest cigarette feel and taste I have experienced. If you are on the fence about a flavor to start off with this is the one!
  • Realistic Flavor
    Review by Stephanie on 3/15/2014
    This is a good realistic flavor tobacco juice. I can taste that some of the cigar juice flavor was added, and it does give it a more realistic flavor. I am a more experienced vaper that has moved on from most of the tobacco-alike flavors, but even I enjoy this enough to occasionally vape it, and I think that this will be a great flavor for people that just started vaping to quit cigarettes! I will recommend, especially to the new vaper, so they never go back to smoking!

    I rate the menthol a 4.5 out of 5, because I would like the menthol flavor to be a little stronger. Then again, when I was vaping menthol juices regularly, I always wanted the really strongly flavored menthol juices. I really enjoyed my menthol, and I'm not sure everyone likes their menthol as strong as me!
  • A true menthol cigarette experience
    Review by Morandir835 on 2/28/2014
    The flow rate and viscosity would put this as a 85/15 pg/vg ratio. Vapor production though makes me second guess this though, it makes plumes of vapor much more like a 65/35 or 70/30 mix. It's medium to high vapor production potential. Throat hit on WSTM is very strong as well, but not as high as expected compared to the non-menthol version. The 3.6% (36mg) hit much more like a 4.2-4.5% juice. Still a good choice for those who put more emphasis on TH. As for flavor (with the usual tag line taste is subjective) was of two minds with this one. The tobacco aspect is perfect. Same rich tobacco taste, along with that ashy burning sensation you would find in an actual cigarette. The menthol is of a smoother variety, only gripe on my end being it was bit more on the minty side to my tastes. That ashy sensation does linger a bit in the mouth like a real cigarette too, really amplifying the analog like experience. Wattage limits in a single vertical set up was 12.4w, in a dual 17.7w, and in a horizontal coil 10.2w (which again is tremendously high for any juice). Juice does have a slight after smell, but heard no complaints. It's not a flavor that will linger long either. Bottom line on this juice is if you prefer a slightly sweeter or mintier menthol along with the real analog type taste you can't go wrong with Wow Smilin Tobacco Menthol.
  • Great taste
    Review by mbottema on 2/25/2014
    This juice is one of my new favorites. A great menthol flavor with a hint of real tobacco. An easy juice to start with if you are or were a menthol smoker. I highly recommend this flavor.
  • Most overpowering tobacco tasting menthol!
    Review by Kathy on 12/14/2018
    This e-juice is by far the most overpowering tobacco tasting menthol of all. It has a very strong tobacco aftertaste and just a small hint of menthol.
  • Most pure tobbaco menthol e-juice that vapor4life has!
    Review by Theodosios on 12/2/2018
    This is the most strongest tobacco tasting menthol e-juice that vapor4life has to offer. It doesn't have that silly minty/candy taste at all.
  • Not what I had expected
    Review by Dustin on 7/9/2014
    I ordered this expecting to get a sweet menthol taste like the others I have tried from V4L. It tastes more like black licorice with a slight aftertaste of menthol. If you like this taste, go for it. I will not be ordering this specific flavor again.
  • Close to traditional menthol cigarette but not close enough
    Review by Jerald on 8/6/2017
    Tried this juice and prefer the Wow Premium traditional menthol. Still a good product.

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