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Wintergreen e Juice (30 mL)

If you go nuts for the flavor of menthol, you can inundate your tastebuds with the icy winds of an arctic blast of rich menthol with this smooth Wintergreen E Liquid. Vapor4Life's meticulous flavor experts have finally captured the ice-cold intensity and invigorating freshness of a natural wintergreen flavor. Just like the refreshing taste of a wintergreen berry, this e liquid's essence appeals to fans of smokeless tobacco and menthol cigarettes as well, but it's mild enough to satisfy the cravings of any fan of mint or wintergreen breath freshers.

Keep your cool with a bottle of our energizing Wintergreen E Juice.

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  • Favorite flavor
    Review by Jordan on 6/28/2017
    My favorite flavor, tastes like gum. I like to use the 24mg which sacrifices a little bit of the flavor since it is a higher nicotine level, but is worth it for the strength
  • If you enjoy wintergreen....
    Review by Ugne on 1/12/2017
    You will enjoy this if you like that sweet wintergreen taste. Not my number one option though..
  • Good/Very Strong
    Review by Mandy on 11/27/2016
    Very strong flavor for my taste. I had to mix it with another flavor to be able to enjoy it more.
  • Delicious wintergreen flavor
    Review by John on 8/2/2016
    I don't vape this often anymore. But when I first started vaping it was one of my go to flavors.
    It is an intense and sweet wintergreen flavor, similar to a wintergreen mint.
    I liked vaping it on its own and even made some interesting combinations by mixing it with various tobacco flavors.
    If you like wintergreen, you will love this juice!
  • A subtle but amazing experience.
    Review by Arthur Fudge on 6/21/2015
    As I dropped my first amount of liquid into the cartage I could already smell the winter green. In its liquid form it seemed powerful and overbearing but as I inhaled my first few puffs I was amazed to realize how subtle the flavor was. It was an amazing texture and just strong enough without becoming overbearing or dominating. This is now my favorite flavor of nobaccoo juice.
  • True Wintergreen Flavor!
    Review by Deb on 9/10/2014
    If you are looking for wintergreen, you have found it here. I first got wintergreen juice from somewhere else online that had "good juice ratings"....to fill my premium wintergreens from here, V4L. IT WAS GROSS (even though it had a 5 star rating from some users) YUCK!!! They obviously never tried V4L. I'm never going any where else for ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!!! This juice tastes just like the premium cartos: True Wintergreen with PLENTY OF FLAVOR AND VAPOR!!!! LOVE IT!!!
  • Meh - so so
    Review by flamechica911 on 7/20/2013
    This is definitely not one of my favorite, but it isn't completely non-vapeable. I did have to let mine steep for a little while though, because when I did get it, the flavor was not good at all. It did improve after a few weeks of steeping.
  • winnnntergreeen
    Review by jess on 4/29/2013
    i LOVE wintergreen and this def tastes like it- its true to the flavor however i prefer my TM WOW menthol
  • Good
    Review by james on 8/13/2018
    good flavor, good price. i liked it very much
  • Mixed opinions
    Review by Alan on 8/3/2018
    I enjoyed it but wife said it has a metallic aftertaste
  • Not a fan
    Review by Gina on 9/8/2018
    This flavor of ejuice is too strong for my liking. I do like menthol and a minty flavor as I prefer menthol analogs but this was too much. I would recommend this only if you have a strong liking to a STRONG minty taste. For reference, I prefer the "Smooth" analogs and the mentol analogs that start with a N in a green box.
  • Refreshing
    Review by Matthew on 9/12/2018
    A little sweet. Reminds me of that sweet wintergreen chewing tobacco. I like it.

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