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Strawmelon Taffy by Mr Salt-E Liquid

Regular Price: $19.99

Special Price $18.99

It’s seriously mesmerizing to watch taffy slowly stretching through the window of a taffy stand at a carnival. That mesmerizing effect comes through when you vape Strawmelon Taffy by Mr. Salt-E Liquids. This delicious flavor profile delicately twists the tastes of succulent strawberry and juicy watermelon to make an easy all-day vape, especially if you love fruit-flavored taffy. For a nic salt e-juice, Strawmelon Taffy kicks out some fluffy, yummy-smelling clouds.

Since Strawmelon Taffy is a nicotine salt e-juice, you may notice you feel a nicotine hit a little quicker, which is something many vapers like about nic salts. For this reason, Strawmelon Taffy should not be used with a sub-ohm device and should only be vaped with a pod system for optimum flavor and effect.

Take Strawmelon Taffy E-Liquid for a spin by buying a bottle today!

  • Well....
    Review by Crystal on 2/19/2019
    I taste no melon. No strawberry. No taffy. What I actually taste is floral... maybe rose hips? But, that said? It’s not horrible. It’s actually pretty decent for being floral. A friend of mine loved it and I gave it to her... so it might be something that tastes different to different people.

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