Savage e-Juice

The headquarters for Savage E-Liquid is in Orange County California, but you might imagine that they craft their powerful e-juices in a secret underground lair. The vape juices from Savage E-Liquid are inspired by diabolical and anti-heroic characters who will stop at nothing to get what they want. In the same way, Savage E-Liquid has gone all in with a fierce lineup of fruit-flavored, high-VG e-juices that are so good it’s almost criminal. Vapers can channel the playful punch of Harley Quinn with Quinn E-Juice or get drunk on the power of C. Underwood, which mirrors the disarmingly striking nature of Claire Underwood from House of Cards. Most of their juices have a 75/25 VG/PG blend, so they’re great for cloud chasers or stealthy spies and villains who need to stage the perfect getaway. Check out our selection and then assemble your own an arsenal of Savage E-Liquid.

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E juice that is inspired by famous tv and movie characters are absolutely delicious! Vape flavors like Underwood (raspberry and sour razzmatazz candy) Quinn (raspberry cookie crumbs) C. Underwood (watermelon and sour razzmatazz candy) and JB (strawberry and pinapple slushie) that will have you vaping like a savage!