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Sublime e Juice by SVRF e-Liquids (60mL)

Regular Price: $22.99

Special Price $14.99

Sublime E-Juice by SVRF E-Liquids is a divine creation that conjures memories of an airy lemon pastry dusted in powdered sugar. Each full and flavorful cloud is packed with zesy lemon and a sugary sweet coating tinged with strong hints of vanilla.

Take a long, slow inhale on Sublime E-Liquid to taste every bit of its caky, lemon-drenched goodness and then savor the essence for a moment before you exhale. On the exhale, this sweet vape juice is infused with the taste of an artisanal lemon pastry heaped with crisp of sugar crumbles.

With a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, Sublime E-Juice is a favorite of cloud chasers, who dig the thick, aromatic clouds it leaves lingering in the air. Sublime E-Liquid is available in three different nicotine strengths, including zero nicotine.

Transcend the ordinary by buying a bottle of Sublime by SVRF E-Liquids today!

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