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Clove e Juice (30 mL)

Remember the devilish and mystical aura you'd feel when you smoked a clove cigarette? Clove E Juice captures that essence from the tingly taste to the aromatic exhale. An intense combination of sweetness and spice give this vaping flavor an exotic twist that will surpass your expectations of what a clove should taste like. Clove E Juice offers the fragrant and exotic experience familiar to smokers who love kretek cigarettes.

This high performance vape flavor is perfectly formulated to hypnotize your tastebuds with the spicy, bold flavors of fresh clove. Slip away into a vapor oasis with Clove E Liquid, the perfect E Cigarette escape!
  • Perfection
    Review by Atrella on 8/19/2015
    This is the only vapor juice I use, and I absolutely love it! Highly recommended.
  • More speriment than clove
    Review by Larry Stallard on 9/28/2013
    I've smoked clove cigarettes forever and this is the best attempt so far. It is my favorite now but should be called juicy fruit cause it has more of a spearmint taste with a hint of clove. The sweetness is there and reminds me of the gum.
  • Please NEVER stop making this one!!!
    Review by SC on 1/31/2018
    This is hands down my favorite flavor! I rarely use it on it's own but I mix with almost everything. I'm not a dessert flavor fan, I like a traditional tobacco vape but that can be somewhat boring. However mixing 1 part Rough Rider Red with 2 parts Clove really spices things up and is my go to ADV. If you love Cinnablaze try mixing it 1/2 and 1/2 with Clove for a truly enjoyable sweet & spicy experience. Sweet Orange & Clove is another of my favorites. Please, please, please NEVER stop making this one!
  • Nice...
    Review by Melisa on 11/1/2017
    Vape! Big clouds & mixes well with others
  • Good
    Review by crystal on 6/26/2017
    If you like clove cigarettes you will have to try this
  • Nice
    Review by Brian on 2/27/2017
    I tried this flavor from a friend. I never tried the taste of clove before...it's different, but good!
  • Love this flavor
    Review by Blaine on 1/12/2017
    This is the one of my favorites, and I really like it! Highly recommended
  • Good
    Review by Jennifer on 9/26/2016
    I used to love having a clove now and again when I still smoked cigarettes. This is a good for people wanting to quit that habit of nasty cigarettes
  • Nice clove taste
    Review by Crystal on 7/14/2016
    I used to love having a clove now and again when I still smoked. This is a good option for me, for sure!
  • Good enough
    Review by RedHen on 3/21/2016
    I love clove cigarettes so I was really excited to try this flavor. The clove taste is mild-medium and the vapor production is medium as well. I like to mix it with WOW Vanilla to add a little sweetness and better quality vapor.
  • clove wow vapor juice
    Review by gmc on 1/30/2016
    iam a true menthol only gal, but decided to try 1 of the many different flavors and found the clove very good, sweet with the right amount of clove flavor to make my choice to experiment a good call
  • very nice
    Review by Marshall on 8/7/2015
    I use to smoke clove cigs as a treat from time to time.
    This juice is a very nice add. to my e cig line up.
  • Brings me back
    Review by Christopher on 7/15/2015
    I used to smoke cloves all the time, however gave them up for obvious health reasons. The flavor really reminds me of my clove cigs. Wow great job. The only thing that's missing is Cartomizers wrapped in sweet paper like clove cigs. I have not tried the premium juice though so I am unaware if one is better than the other.
    Review by Brian on 1/21/2015
    Tastes just like Clove also gives a great TH and doesnt get old fast
  • Great Flavor
    Review by sarah on 12/10/2014
    I have ordered this flavor several times. It tastes great! I've mixed it with WoWbacoo 555 and it taste even better.
  • not as strong as a real clove
    Review by melissa fisher on 5/25/2014
    not as strong as a real clove but really good flavor. It almost has a cinnamon after taste.
  • Just Like I Remember Cloves
    Review by Kate on 12/22/2013
    Great smell & flavor, leaving a little bit of that sweet taste on your lips. Although after smoking them a while your ability to distinguish the flavor diminishes a bit. Exactly how I remember clove cigarettes.
  • Good
    Review by Cristiano Lima on 12/19/2013
    It has a light clove flavor, which is great 'cause I used to smoke the Djarum Lites. The only thing missing from the experience is the sweetness on your lips (but that is not the fault of the juice)
  • Perfect Clove Flavor
    Review by Shem on 11/14/2013
    I have been looking for a clove juice that was not over powered with one spice or another. This is it! The clove flavor is well balanced and refreshing to vape. This is my go to juice!
  • Clove WOW vapor juice
    Review by Glen on 3/7/2016
    This one is lacking IMO. Almost to the point of being bland. It has a very mild and mellow clove flavor with absolutely no bite whatsoever and more of a sweet clove after-taste. The flavor is there, but weak in comparison with the Premium Clove. Of the two, the premium is hands down my favorite.
  • Not what I was expecting
    Review by Michele on 2/1/2017
    I wanted something that was just like the clove cigs we used to enjoy so much. I've tried clove e-juices by other brands and found them so awful that I couldn't stand to vape them. This is definitely better than those, but I wouldn't order again. It lacks the sweetness. Still searching for my perfect clove.
  • Disappointed
    Review by matthew fisher on 11/1/2014
    I was hoping that the WOW clove would be as good, if not better than the premium clove liquid, unfortunately I do not find it to be. I do not think it has as good of clove flavor, nor is it too close to tasting like a clove cigarette. It is tolerable, but not one of my favorites.
  • Clove Freak
    Review by Melisa on 11/1/2017
    I'm super picky about getting the perfect clove flavor since quitting DJ's!! I like it for mixing my absolute favorite clove juice. It's most excellent for priming my coils!

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