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Wowbacco e Juice (30 mL)

No frills here, just a straight-up American tobacco blend that tastes just like smoking a pack of your favorite cigarettes. The robust tobacco e juice flavor gives you long-lasting satisfaction, whether you're a longtime smoker or a veteran vaper. If you've just started vaping, Wowbacco is a great e juice to get you off on the right foot. Vapor4Life is known for the authentic flavor of our tobacco e liquids and this one is as pure and traditional as it gets.

In fact, Wowbacco E Juice tastes so close to the real thing, you might accidentally try to ash your e cig.

  • A++
    Review by Cait S on 10/14/2014
    Great flavor! This is my all day vape! Love the sweet tobacco taste!
  • wowbacco
    Review by misty on 8/30/2017
    I love this juice! Fast shipping! Great flavor
  • vapor4life provides the best tobacco juice. it is very similar to marlboro cigarettes.
    Review by misty on 7/10/2017
    I love this flavor also. It reminds of a marlboro red
  • The Best I've Found
    Review by Joseph on 10/7/2016
    I don't really think i can post any comment to improve the description of the product. Its as good as they say and much more. took me two years of vaping to finally find a tobacco flavored juice that actually tastes like tobacco and isn't overwhelmingly sweet.
  • Best tobacco flavor
    Review by Peter on 8/22/2016
    This is my go-to tobacco flavor since I began vaping 7 years ago. My recommendation flavor for smokers trying to quit. Smoke flavor without tasting artificial...try it!
  • OK, but I prefer Oasis!
    Review by Angie on 7/30/2016
    Not bad, but still an Oasis fan!
  • All Time Favorite E-Liquid!
    Review by Karyn on 7/29/2016
    This is my all time favorite e-liquid! Smooth, balanced and for me it's the best! The taste is nice, no weird aftertaste and great go-to liquid for everyday. If you never vaped before, try this one first. I occasionally mix in some wowboy to change it up. All the wow vapors are really great tasting!
  • Slightly better than the carts
    Review by Melissa Alessio on 12/8/2014
    Received an order of the carts as well, but I think these have the edge over them. If you're looking for a nutty or strong tabaccoey/menthol taste...look elsewhere! this flavor has a taste of it's own, in my opinion.. I'd say it has a slightly sweet, slightly mild tobacco flavor...very mellow yet having a smooth throat hit and nice vapor production and the carts look just like a cork tip analog.

    my 1-5 scale as 5 being the best...

    Flavor 3
    Throat hit 3 - 3 1/2
    Vapor production 4 to 4 1/2

    Hope this helped ya guys out some and thanks to all of you at V4L..you guys are wonderful! and keep vapin my friends.
  • Clean light tobacco
    Review by Carolyn on 7/4/2014
    This is exactly what I want - a clean taste similar to my old ultralight cigs with a smokiness but no stink of tobacco. My husband accepts me vaping this in the car - it does not smell like tobacco and does not make me smell like tobacco, but it satisfies my tobacco craving. Can't believe somebody gave it 1 star because of their own lack of knowledge about the difference between PG and VG and because they bought too strong nicotine for themselves. FYI for NEWBS - VG makes more vapor and less throat hit. PG makes less vapor and more throat hit (throat hit assumes both have nicotine).
  • My go to juice whenever I am wanting an analog
    Review by Joshua on 1/3/2014
    This juice has the best throathit to me of them all. Taste is in your face tobacco, no sweetness. I always keep a tank of this full when I really want to satisfy a nic craving.
  • alright
    Review by Sarah on 11/11/2013
    I bought this juice after wowboy hadn't been stocked for a few months, and after reading that this flavor was similar I took the plunge. I find it to be more of a lame version, flavor isn't bad just ehh, vapor is nice though.
  • 11mg makes me literally sick
    Review by Netjim66 on 7/20/2013
    So I guess I made a big mistake in ordering the 11mg strength. It burns my throat nad nose, and somehow smoking even the smallest amount causes a gag reflex. Even with the Dial a volt all the way down, even having the potent chemical ofthis vapor go into my lungs, somehow still makes me gag. AND to make it worse, there is less vapor than some older VG wow juice and grape.
  • I FINALLY found it...
    Review by Smilin' Stevie (a new and different one) on 5/19/2013
    Ever since I started vaping and finally stopped using those nasty analogs after 35 years, I've been hunting high & low to find a tobacco flavor that best replicates a real tobacco cigarette. I've tried more than one company too. Well, Wowbacco WOW juice is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. This stuff is just what I've been wanting - straight-up, no nonsense tobacco flavor. I use the 24mg. During my search, I have found some flavors with more complexity that I've also liked (such as "Triple Nickel" and "Dunhall" to name a couple of them) and I'm sure I'll continue to vape them, but this Wowbacco juice is nothing short of perfect! Thanks V4L. Nobody else even comes close!!!
  • It's ok.
    Review by Bruce on 2/1/2015
    Not bad sweet and smith I have it 4 stars because it's not as bold as I wanted.

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