WOW VG e Juice

When our owner, Steve Smilin Milin first founded Vapor4Life, he often got the question, "Can I vape if I'm allergic to propylene glycol?" Always committed to providing our vaping family with options for an alternative to cigarettes, we created an exclusive line of VG e juices that are made without propylene glycol. Former smokers who have a sensitivity to propylene glycol, or a more serious allergy, can enjoy the full satisfaction of vaping some of our most beloved flavors. Made with a base of vegetable glycerin (VG) and without a drop of propylene glycol (PG), these VG flavors provide a less intense throat and produce a massive amount of vapor and the same amazing flavor that makes our e juices so popular. Yes, you can vape if you have a propylene glycol allergy. Vapor4Life's VG vape juices are here to help! Just look for the green leaf and the VG symbol next to the bottle on our site.

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12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)

VG ONLY E-Juice.

We carry seven different VG e juices, and each one is available in seven nicotine levels, so you can fully customize your vaping experience and find the taste, feel and satisfaction you desire. Customers with propylene glycol allergies can find the cigarette flavor they love with VG Wowboy Tobacco E Juice, VG Triple Nickel E Juice, or the straightforward VG-only Traditional Tobacco. Our VG-only e liquid line also features coffee flavors if you need a vapor pickmeup, and chocolate and vanilla blends to silence any demanding sweet tooth.