Ebob Vaporizer Tank by Cloupor (2 in 1)

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The E-Bob 2 in 1 Vaporizer tank allows vapers to fill the top of the tank with water so that it can filtrate the material that is vaped out of the coil below the water tank. This tank is NOT to be used to vape e Juice.

This 1.4 ohm coil works best at about 8-10 Watts and can be paired with the any variable wattage vape mod.

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  • Best "Cheap" 510 Bubbler!
    Review by Beast Mode Finch on 9/15/2016
    So i didnt know when i first purchased this that you could actually put water in this. Read some reviews and was told I could. I was pulling pretty hard at first and kept sucking up a lot of water until I figured out the right water level. You only wanna fill the bottom chamber about half way so even when you take a big drag you will feel the smoothness the water adds to the material you put in there, even if it originally was a harsh hit not using a vape pen. All in all the tank is nice and at a good price.

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