EGO - Device Only

EGO kit includes:
  • 1 EGO Battery
  • 1 EGO Mega-Cartomizer
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 USB Wall Adapter
  • 1 EGO Mega-Cartomizer Tip

    Take a look at our eLiquids section in order to add a bottle to this kit.
  • Color of your battery and cartomizer

    • Black
    • Pink
    • Green

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    This unique 808-threaded EGO style battery will shock you with the amount of vapor that it produces. Put e-liquid in the easy-to-fill EGO Mega-Cartomizer, screw onto the ecig battery, and vape away. Includes 90 day warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

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      Review by Brent on 10/27/2013
      I switched from a V2 ecig and prefilled carts to this wonderful device. The battery lasts me all day on an overnight charge and could probably last into the next day. The soft touch black feels amazing making it a pleasure to hold. The quality makes you feel like you spent over $100 on it. The dual coil cart gives you over a days worth of vaping and doesn't obsucre the taste of your eliquid. I ordered this on a wednesday and got it saturday. NOTHING beats this in terms of price and quality. I will use this thing til it quits....then order another. Thanks V4L!!
    • FINALLY!
      Review by Barbara on 4/4/2016
      I have had the worst time trying to transition from standard e cigs to a better method of pen. BUT my big problem has been-I don't like any of my juices without the "buffer" provided in the e cig cartridges (so no tanks!) And the Zeus has a rubber taste to the tip that I just can't really get past the strong rubber taste I pick up from the Smileomizer tips. I was starting to think it was hopeless. But I stumbled on information about the cartomizers and they looked a bit like the Smileomizer which best reminded me of the standard e cig cartridges. So - I decided to give it one last try. WOW PERFECT The juice tastes like the juice I love in the little stick e cigs, but wow - it lasts a LOT longer and gives a much better hit. And while the tip is some sort of soft, chewable material (maybe a plastic of sorts?) it does not overpower or even interfere with the taste of my juice. I am SOOO glad I took one last chance and ordered this system.
    • Fantastic
      Review by Lisa on 10/7/2012
      Best battery on the market! Please allow customers to buy only replacement/extra battery and you will make many customers even happier, if that is possible!
    • Best starter kit ever!
      Review by Kimberly on 1/26/2018
      If you want a real vape experience without fuss or hassle pick up this starter kit. The cart and battery will carry you through the day.
    • At stable trooper
      Review by Kimberly on 12/14/2017
      This battery lasts a good 8 hours and its lifetime is about 8 months to a year. A good value.
    • Ego-Device only - a solid battery for vaping
      Review by Kimberly on 11/22/2017
      These batteries have long life overall, one of these lasts close to a year for me. The EGO cart is an easy to use refillable cart. Highly recommended for those who want the ease of use with a sturdy battery.
    • My 2nd battery ever purchased
      Review by Michelle on 8/26/2017
      When I was ready to graduate from prefilled cartos, I purchased an Ego, and a whole new world opened up to me. I leaned about filling my own cartos, and from there onto using tanks. Great intermediate device.
    • Good Starter for vaping
      Review by Shana on 9/9/2016
      I love my auto batteries but sometimes I prefer the manual because I feel like I don't have to inhale as hard. . I've never been disappointed with any product I've ordered from Vapor4life. Plus, they have the best customer service I have ever experienced!!
    • Like it okay
      Review by Jennifer on 8/14/2016
      Compared to other EGO batteries this one is the best for sure, but I wish it worked with other EGO CARTOMIZERS on the market because I prefer clear ones where I can see what you're filling and I can find them much cheaper elsewhere. But I really like this option so it is worth buying here plus V4L Is best company to deal with so it works out best anyway.
      Review by Jimmy on 8/28/2014
      Great KIT!! Save yourself the $$ and get the premium kit instead, comes with 5 carts, 2 batteries!! I have been using this kit for a week, works great and will now be ordering a 2nd kit so I can have an extra battery.. Again, if you want to go with the EGO, get the better package deal!! All you will need besides the premium kit is a couple bottles of juice to get started.. I use WOW traditional tobacco, it's perfect!! I might be getting some flavor juices soon however wanted to go with TT first since I wanted something close to the real analog flavor.
      - Battery takes LONG time to charge so best to charge it over night, then its good to go all day and night!
      - Fill the mega cart SLOW or it WILL leak out the bottom. I usually top mine off, 6, 7 drops in the morning, then another 6, 7 around lunch, then a few more late afternoon. Once you have the cart full, you can vape all day without adding more drops however I personally like adding a few drops every few hours. Easy enough, remove your drip tip, hold the EGO at an angle, drop in some drops, rotate, spin slightly, add a couple more, rotate, and repeat. If you have juice leaking from the threaded area, you have too much juice in the cart!!
      The size is perfect, fits in my pocket however thicker compared to the diamond, titan. The mega cart is great too, lots of vapor, usually take 3, 4 sec slow drags. Be sure to keep your battery and charger threads dry as well!! Very happy with this purchase, might go with the Zeus someday however the downside to that is it's a monster, like a cigar from what I can see. I am hoping 1 mega cart will last me about 2 weeks, so far so good! As long as you keep the cart topped off with juice I can't imagine its too easy to burn it out, unless you let it go too dry..

      BUY THE PREMIUM KIT, you won't be sorry!! Thank you Vapor4life, I am 5 days smoke free after 20 years of smoking. As far as the juice strength I have 18mg, seems to give me the perfect 'buzz' you would expect from a standard analog smoke without the nasty coughing, smell. If you think you can't quit smoking, I am telling ya, you can!! After about a week I find the smell of an analog disgusting.. I didn't expect that at all.. You can do it, and Vapor4life will give you all the tools you need to accomplish kicking the analog habit for good. As far as concerns on the juice, VG / PG, do your research.. Here's too healthier living, thanks again V4L!!
    • absolutely love it!!
      Review by Andrea on 2/14/2014
      This kit is great the battery last me 2 days and the mega cartomizer hold a ton of juice I'm not constantly filling it. I ordered another one for back up I have like 4 mini battery's for when I'm out in public or at work. But OMG the hit on this is great and tons of vapor. Another thing I like is it's compact and cute looking so its not this huge looking unattractive looking e CIG. Love love love it. Thanks v4l
    • ego batteries
      Review by phillip on 2/1/2014
      This is the second review im sending due to the first one was never posted. The ego batteries can last a long time or they may go out in just a few short weeks. When the ego battery is working it will last for 10-12 hrs. i have had one last a year and i have bought two within a few months of each other. the service is good and also the shipping.
    • Nice & Inexpensive
      Review by Tanya on 1/16/2014
      I purchased this Ego kit about three months ago, when I was getting ready for some mouth surgery. I liked that the tip was flat, and hoped it would allow me to vape without any additional pain. It worked very well, and I actually preferred it to the larger smilomizer size! The battery and cartridge lasted me most of the day - just top it off in the morning and I was good to go for the day!

      I would have given it 5 stars, but it recently pooped out on me. Not sure why - but I'm sure it's been close to the 90 day warranty. Just purchased another one and waiting for it to come in. Hopefully, it will last more than 90 days.
    • Great
      Review by CR on 1/15/2014
      I ordered this because im trying to quit smoking before I come home from my deployment. I got the product a few weeks ago and instantly loved it. Works great on my 12-16 hour days. Ego battery and a 6ml tank works great together and has me down from a pack a day to a pack every 3-4 days soon to be none! Thank you Vapor4Life!
    • Excellent product by excellent company
      Review by NICHOLAS on 12/12/2013
      I ordered this just a week ago and have and have been using for a few days now, only issue I have is to me it doesn't seem I'm getting a whole lot of vape. Probably OE though. I'm currently deployed and I out that in the order comment to assure propped mailing address, when I received the package there was a friendly note thanking me and 2x the product I ordered. Truly a great company with a whole lot of customer satisfaction. You won't see me using another brand, Gaurenteed.

      -Nicholas Rousseau.
    • Best Battery for the Price
      Review by DJ on 11/5/2013
      I have been vaping for a few years. I recently through bad luck lost my 2 cherished DAV batteries and was not too excited to have to buy replacements. My friend mentioned to me the EGO batteries are a good alternative if I don't want to shell out alot of $$. So I picked one up in store at V4L (NOTE: IN STORE YOU CAN BUY JUST THE BATTERY!) to see how they worked and am very happy with my purchase so far. I liked the option for the DAV to adjust voltage but have noticed recently I really haven't needed to. And on top was very surprised with my battery life. I can get almost 2 days out of my EGO which was close to what I was getting with my Large DAV. I will definitely be heading back to pick up another one for a matching backup. Keep up the good work V4L.
    • I'm all set...
      Review by Wayne on 10/17/2013
      Okay, I'm back. I ordered and received both a Dial-A-Volt battery and an EGO kit that comes with two batteries & five huge cartomizers. It says that they will hold 5ml of eliquid and I'm sure they will. I can't imagine using that much juice in a single cartomizer, but I've filled two of them pretty full and I expect that they will last for days - maybe even a week or two.

      Both the DAV and the EGO kit are outstanding and I'm really glad I got them - I think my hardcore vaping phase is ready to begin in earnest! I'm also happy to have these 808-threaded batteries to go with all my accessories. It beats trying to keep track of all my adapters, even though I ordered three more of them from V4L in the order I just received. I feel a little bad for the ten stick batteries I've accumulated over the past six months though - I'm afraid that they won't be getting much use anymore. Not that they're bad - they all do what they're supposed to do. But these new EGOs and the Dial-A-Volt blow them all away in terms of providing the power for my devices to get the maximum flavor and vapor possible. I love it.

      If I ever need or want another EGO-style battery, I wouldn't hesitate to come to V4L to get it - even if I have to purchase another kit, which comes with the extra accessories (cartomizers and chargers). It's more than worth the price. Thanks 4 everything V4L !
    • Amazing!
      Review by Wesley on 10/16/2013
      Battery lasts all day and I let it charge while I sleep. Chose the manual e-cig battery so I can cut it on and of for storage. Nice matte finish is pleasing to the touch. Dual voltage charger so it can be used all over the world!
    • I'm going to love this kit...
      Review by Wayne on 10/9/2013
      Hi fellow vapers! I've been reading the reviews and want to say something. First though, a small disclaimer....I haven't yet bought the EGO kit from V4L, but definitely plan on buying one very soon. I already have three EGO-style batteries that I bought from my neighborhood tobacco shop and love 'em. However those batteries are 510 threaded (which is the standard). But I only use 808 cartomizers & accessories, almost all of them from V4L. In my opinion, 808 e-cig products are superior to 510's, and are quickly becoming the dominant and most widely available model. The EGO Starter Kits sold by V4L are 808's, which can be used with all their products without using an adapter (of which I currently have four).

      That said, I'm very happy that V4L sells 808-threaded EGOs and will be getting couple of them very soon. And for those reviewers who mentioned that you have to purchase the entire starter kit just to get an extra battery, when you look at the total price of the kits ($24.95 for a one-battery kit) and compare it to the price of other EGO-style batteries, you will see that the price the same or better with a V4L kit as it is for buying a battery-only from another source. So the fact that one must buy an entire kit with V4L shouldn't be an issue - you just get a few little extras that you may or may not need. To me, getting an extra cartomzer and charger is just a bonus. :)

      In a few weeks, after I've gotten the V4L EGO starer kit itself, I'll come back and write a review about it. If it's anything like everything else that I've already purchased from V4L, I'm confident that I will be very happy with it. These folks haven't disappointed me yet! So vape on...and stick with V4L for your vaping needs. If this seems like a commercial for V4L, well it isn't - I'm writing this review completely of my own volition. Nobody pays me for compliments - but if something is good, I'll come out and say so. And (think Tony the Tiger) V4L is GRRREAT!!!
    • Great.
      Review by Gaspar on 8/28/2013
      Sept 7, 2013 will be 3 years, cigarette free! Thank you V4L! EGO kit is great & has a Long lasting battery. I wish you guys had a referal program. I am an unofficial V4L spokes person, always explaining to people how it works and I always hand out your business cards. Keep up the great work...
    • wow
      Review by Harold on 8/6/2013
      Excellent starter set for noobs like me trying to put down analogs! Had a half pack that went into the trash the same day I bought this kit. Worth every penny!
    • Dual Coil 1.5 ohm
      Review by EGO Kit with 1 Battery on 7/16/2013
      This is my Vape of choice.
      I have gone through many of the evolutions that have been offered by V4L to find the right fit for me. I was extremely glad of the tanks. Carts are a bit tedious at times. This batter with the tank combo is long lasting, durable, and relatively maintenance free. Have to clean the battery now and then, but that takes all of about 5 minutes for a thorough job. I have been using these batteries for about 3 months now, and thus far, they are still going strong. I Carry two for variety of flavor, VAPE all day, and plug in at night, top of the tank if needed. I found my combo!
    • love these
      Review by stefani on 6/21/2013
      love these batteries and mega carts last me all day sometimes 2 days just reading the reviews and found out I can turn them off with 5 clicks. Since they never come with instructions didn't know that's even better. need to be able to buy the batteries by themselves not sure why this is the only one you have to buy the whole kit to get a battery.
    • very nice
      Review by clayton on 5/8/2013
      Wish I had started out with this.
      The mega dual coil carts work very well with this,im liking v4l, cant wait to try out the other e liquids.
    • Lasts me 2 days
      Review by Dan on 5/7/2013
      This e cig lasts all day.
    • Great!
      Review by drvox200 on 4/12/2013
      Pros: At least 8-10 hours of battery life!, Has a nice rubberized finish, Great Vapor, Works well with different cartomizers and tanks, Fast Shipping, Best deal for the money!

      Cons: Takes 10-11 Hours to charge otherwise there is no cons.

      Conclusion: If you're looking for a great EGO at the nest price than this is it.
    • An Upgrade from the V4L XL!
      Review by Stephen Q. on 3/18/2013
      This EGO kit is a major upgrade from the V4L XL Kit. I used the XL Kit for over a year and I was very happy with it, but the EGO Kit feels much stronger, hefty, and produces a stronger vap with the same drag time. I am very happy so far and look forward to using it for a long time to come.
    • Why not Dial-a-Volt?
      Review by Peotr on 3/9/2013
      For those of you asking for only the battery. Get the DAV medium battery. It lasts just as long as this one, but it is variable voltage, which is the reason it costs more. But still, 900 mAh is 900 mAh. This is a great product, it feels great, vapes nicely, and is relatively good fr stealth vaping, for example in movie theatres. Overall great product and I would highly recommend it to anyone. It is by far the best battery fro V4L, for the best value. If you want a longer lasting one, buy the XL Dial a Volt. Good job V4L!
    • Ehh...
      Review by Jameson on 2/27/2013
      great pull, great vape, not so great life. not sure if i'm just a super heavy vaper, as i just switched from analogs, but i kill the battery in one or two sessions. just ordered a pass-through and 3.5 mL tank for home, work, and car to supplement my usage.
    • Replacement with VK Classic
      Review by Robert on 2/21/2013
      So many people are asking for the batter replacement ONLY
      on the EGO Kit and my question is why not use the VK Classic?
    • EGO battery replacement
      Review by Robert on 2/21/2013
      Reading the posts about the EGO Kit so many people are asking for JUST the battery replacement and my question is why can't you just buy the VK Classic battery ? Will it work with the EGO Kit?
    • Reliable
      Review by Bluddy on 2/18/2013
      I've been using the ego battery for almost a year now. I've had a couple go bad but my local e cig guy has always taken care of any problems I've had. A warning, do not use the mega cargo on any battery but the ego! Also when ordering new cartos there sis another brand called ego that have a 510 thread. These are 808. Can be a little confusing. I have two batts and keep one on the charger Ll the time. They do take a while to charge, but for the price it's easy to have 2. The tanks work on these quite well, it's just not as sleek looking. This batt has definitely kept me from wasting money on anyone else's products. Love the ego. Make sure to turn it off in your pocket you'll be astounded how much goop it saves!
    • quality
      Review by david on 1/2/2013
      I liked the batery. Great strong hits, easy to conceal in school, and just great, only downside is it takes nine hours to charge.
    • Great battery, perfect all day vaper
      Review by 6String on 12/22/2012
      Own 5 of these. Love them all. But now I have the Dial a Volt battery and love that more. Same style battery, but with the feature I wanted (different voltage). Would recommend these and the Dial a Volt as the best batteries from V4L
    • Please Just Battery
      Review by Pat on 12/7/2012
      Love this battery but dont need the kit each time. Have you seen how many would just order these batteries?? Your missing out on many sales by selling just the kits. I personally would order 2 or 3 at a time if just the battery was offered....
    • Excellent
      Review by DK on 11/29/2012
      Best battery ever for the price. Lasts me about 5-6 hours on a charge with moderate to heavy use. They do take about 9 hours to recharge though. Being able to lock the button is a nice feature too! Wish I could just get the battery w/o the whole kit! Don't need any more chargers and I use tanks.
    • Battery only
      Review by Steve on 11/18/2012
      This Is A great battery!!!I wish I could buy just the battery And not the whole kit. I dont use cartomizers,I use A tank. And I Already have two chargers Already.
    • Love it!
      Review by Stephanie on 10/31/2012
      I love the Ego batteries! They are great for on the go because they last all day! I also love the feel of them! They have a soft velvety feel to them! My absolute favorite battery! I love the 5 click on off feature that they have so when you put them in your pocket they wont turn on.
    • Suggestion....
      Review by justme on 10/15/2012
      I love the EGO! - I love the way V4L stands behind their products. I think the best company out there for consumers. You cannot help but be impressed w/ products and service. My EGO is not working well however ... and it is past the warranty period. I'm sure if I asked they would probably replace it. But I feel that would be taking advantage of a company that is so generous. So... V4L, please allow us to just order the battery part on its own... that would be a big help. I'm left with 22 bottles of juice... tons of carts and a charger I don't use for anything but my ego....Just a suggestion - and thanks! One more thing.... wish you were in stores locally. :) "Just say'n" :)
    • Powerful
      Review by Manuel on 10/7/2012
      This device has gave me the best results in terms of controlling the amount of vapor I want to inhale and a lasting battery. Wish they sell the battery without having to buy the whole kit again.
    • Love it!!
      Review by trussell on 10/7/2012
      I love this battery! It lasts all day. I purchased a tank to go with it so I take a fully charged Ego and a 3.5 tank and I can vape all day! The button is also awesome. It pushes so much easier than my Vapor King batteries.I gave it 5 stars because it is that good!
    • New model not as good as original.
      Review by John on 10/7/2012
      Perfect size, long lasting charge, works well, BUT...

      These were originally introduced a year ago and included an end cap that could be removed to reveal a mini USB charge port. I ordered two of them. Absolutely awesome product! Within the first week I managed to leave one on a work sight and never saw it again. When I returned to V4L to order a replacement they were no longer available.

      I have many of the Titans and mostly use them on the job because of the small size and hands free use. When the EGO kit was re-introduced a few months ago I immediately ordered one. Bummer! That awesome USB charge port is no longer there. Now I can't vape while it charges and keep it topped off in my office and car. Oh well, I don't use it that much so no big deal I thought. After 4 months of light use, I realized it was taking a lot longer to charge. It then gave out completely. No light, no charge, no vape, no good!

      I still have one of the original EGO batteries from a year ago with the USB port - and it still works great! I really would like to order another one, but with no USB and a 4 month life cycle, I hesitate to order another one of this model.
    • Family Vaping
      Review by JDR on 10/7/2012
      This OEM kit was so good that now there are 4 people in our family vaping with this device! Then friends came to visit and they ordered theirs right from our computer when they tried it. The price is great for both kits, the OMG mod is excellent too. Thank-you V4L from our friends and family! The eliquids are outstanding, shipping is fast, customer service cannot be beat!
    • the Best!!!
      Review by misha on 10/7/2012
      V4L has been my favorite store. I had many friends switch to vaping and the way is by telling them you can't buy the crap they sell in stores or any online vapor co. if you want to really quit get a great e cig it makes the difference.
      The cig size ones were tiring with the effort needed to draw.. So when the Ego came on board... OMG!!! I am hooked again.. This is my only go to electronic vaping cig now. Drawing is effortless, it lasts literally all day and sometimes 2 days without charging.. The size, at first was a bit intimidating but now that is the one and the best of ALL.. and I have tried them all except the OMG mods. The cartomizers are huge and carry tons of juice .. and with the tanks it is awesome too. Thank you Bill, The reviewer before me who wrote about the way to lock it and unlock it.. I store it in my purse and sometimes in my jeans and can't afford for it to burn my cartomizers by turning on .. 5clicks in 10 secs to lock the cig, and repeat again to unlock .. awesome feature!! you want to vape all day with clouds and clouds of vapor go for the ego.. I love the elegant green color and the rubbery texture of the cig.. V4L THE BEST CO. of all.. Great job guys!!! For the price of the kit too, it is a no brainer.
    • Very Nice
      Review by Cher on 10/7/2012
      I received my kit yesterday. I love it so far. It has a nice feel and balance to it, plus the hit and amount of vapor is great. I purchased the pink kit and am very pleased. V4L; please make it that we can purchase just batteries.
    • Great Battery
      Review by Theresa on 10/7/2012
      I love this battery. The charge last about 6 hours and I am a heavy vaper. The button is super easy to push and I also love the way it feels. It is soft. This is my favorite battery so far. You can use it with all the V4L products, carts, tanks and the awesome tank it comes with! I liked it so much I ordered one for my analog smoking daughter and her boyfriend. They tried mine and were really impressed! So, as you can tell I would recommend this to everyone!
    • The Missing Piece
      Review by Sister Mau on 10/7/2012
      I first tried e-cigs about a year ago and was terribly disappointed. Flavor non-existent and no vapor to speak of. I decided to give it another go 2 months ago when a co-worker recommended V4L. Having tried an automatic previously, I went with a manual (titan) and a few packs of pre-filled carts.

      What a difference. I loved the control with the manual. A few weeks later, I found myself ordering a couple of the 3.5ml tanks and some of newer juice flavors (banana cinnamon & dj black). Totally fell in love with the tanks but my batteries (a short and xl titan by this point) couldn't keep up.

      Enter the EGO. My "kit" is now complete. It can keep up with my use without issue.

      Thanks for the amazing products!
    • Love it
      Review by Kris on 10/7/2012
      Love this battery, lasts much longer than the skinny ones. I vape alot so it doesn't last all day, but it will go from 8am until 3pm no problem with constant vaping. Also I like the strong hit. I can also fill it with much more liquid (2-3 times as much) as the skinnier batteries. I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 only because it doesn't last all day until night. I've never seen one that does last that long from any company. Someday :)
    • Hells Yeah!
      Review by Bill B. on 10/7/2012
      I basically have a battery in my hand all day and tent to smoke A LOT. This is the only battery that is up to the task in my opinion. Standard batteries would last me about 45 minutes and it was getting really annoying. This batter lasts me an entire day! And with two of them I always have a fully charged one ready to go =)
      The large carts that come with it are just great! They can last me all day when they're new (after about a week they start to loose their capacity and vapor output and tend to become hard to draw regardless of cleaning, still a lot longer lasting than regular carts and around the same price). The kit comes with a charger and one big cart. For thirty bucks that is an AMAZING deal!! Thanks V4L, you guys are the best ecig company that I have ever found, and I have tried at least 30 other companies so that's really saying something. You guys ROCK!!!! keep up the good work! Thanks again,
    • That's It...Done Looking For Batteries
      Review by Longhorn on 10/7/2012
      Bought It...Used It...Will Not Be Looking Anywhere Else For Batteries...Need A Spare And I'm All Set...Love The Use Time (ALL DAY)...Takes A While To Charge (6-7 Hours), But With A Second, I Will Be Able To Vape 24/7......Also, Great E-Juice , Too!!
    • One word: Awesome!
      Review by JT on 10/7/2012
      What can I say? The EGO battery is just perfect. It lasts pretty much all day, if not ALL day, depending on how much I'm vaping. The 5ml mega carts hold nearly as much as the 6ml tanks without the hassles and leaks. Good looking rig, too! Combine all that with the right price compared to the Titans, slim charger, plus standard cartons, and I am one VERY happy former analog smoker! That speaks volumes! Vapor4Life for LIFE!
    • Best Battery on the market!
      Review by Sass on 10/7/2012
      Hands down, this is the best, longest lasting battery on the market and I have tried Green Smoke, V2 and some others and this last the longest and is a good fit. I use it with the regular carts and not the large 5ml mega cart that comes with it. They work great but I want to have the quick carts with the great flavor to use now and not mess with the fill up..... My favorite cart is Cinnamin bun! just like Big Red gum...... Great flavor Great product for the value!
    • Fabulous
      Review by LTD on 10/7/2012
      I started with the cigarette-sized batteries, which were fine, but didn't last long (as the battery life dwindled over time, I'd go through three a day ... seemed like I was always charging ... the passthrough is a good alternative, but then I was tied to a USB power source). I was willing to consider alternatives to batteries that look like real cigarettes, and V4L was offering this kit. I sprang for it, and I'm now a dedicated fan. The battery really lasts all day for me (moderate-heavy vaping) and recharges quickly. It also works with V4L cartomizers and with the tanks (I wasn't thrilled with the refillable cartomizer included with this kit). The Ego has a solid feel in my hand; it's well-balanced; it makes a stylish statement; it fills the need to keep my hand occupied in between 'puffs.' It's heavier than the slim batteries, so no hands-free-out-of-the-corner-of-your-mouth vaping, but I couldn't manage that with the slim batteries anyway. This is the best battery in my collection. Plus, it's appearance is alternative enough, I don't get people asking me to stop smoking in regulated places anymore! Run, don't walk. Combined with V4L's wonderful service and tasty fluids, this a an ex-smoker's dream come true!
    • great
      Review by izsebella on 10/7/2012
      This battery lasts me a whole day, I am a heavy vaporer. I would pay more than $24 for it, that is what thetly usually go for at other places and that is for the 1100 ohm passthru. The v4l batteries are crap but this one.....a huge winner!
    • Secret Feature
      Review by Bill B. on 10/7/2012
      I just found a feature of the ego that is not written here. If you press the button 5 times in 10 seconds it locks the battery. When the battery is locked the button will not activate. Great feature for those who store their egos in their pockets. Press again 5 times in 10 seconds to unlock.
    • The Perkolator
      Review by woodwiz on 10/7/2012
      Thought of that name for it when I vaped a coffee cart this morning and listened to it sizzling,love that sound cause you know your getting a great hit,makes any cart deliver more vapor,and I love using the tanks with this. Vape all day, charge overnight and it has yet to quit on me so I don't know how long it might last.
    • Snap, Crackle, and Pop
      Review by Furycano on 10/7/2012
      I recieved my ego kit in the mail today and it was already fully charged. This thing is a beast. The only thing is that the mega cartomizer I recieved had defective threading and wouldnt screw in but luckily I ordered a tank to go with this. I will call monday and have them replace it. The EGO has an amazing hit and I love every drag. Cant wait to blow all my money on different flavors! Im hooked! Great quality, the button is a little loose but I can tell it wont come off and it still has a great feel. BUY ONE! For this price you shouldnt pass it up!!
      Review by Furycano on 10/7/2012
      If you buy this and when you plug into the charger the light doesnt blink 3 times dont think it's broken right away!! I had to raise the post on the charger to get a connection. Just take a small flat head and work it around the small circle in the middle of the threads GENTLY until it raises a little bit. Then try to charge it again. I thought my EGO was broken but this solved all of my issues and it works BEAUTIFULLY. Buy this now!
    • Awesome!
      Review by Steve on 10/7/2012
      Ive been vaping for three months now.this product Is A great alternative to my pack A day habit.The battery lasts All day.
      However, I wish I could buy A spare battery for backup without having to buy another whole kit!
    • This rocks!
      Review by Lizzy on 10/7/2012
      This is my second EGO battery and this is always my go to battery over the Vapor Titan and Vapor Kings (I still love these also). They are versatile so that you can use the tank it comes with, cartomizers or any other type of tank! They last almost the whole day and give a great throat hit and lots of vapor!
    • Great battery
      Review by Robert on 10/7/2012
      I have yet to see how long it lasts on a charge since I recharge it every night but this is by far the best and most versatile battery on the market.
    • Oh WOW!!!
      Review by Sandra on 10/7/2012
      I just got my EGO kit yesterday and WOW is the word.

      I just recently switched from analog to e-cigs. And while I found that e-cigs are much more enjoyable, the costs were killing me!

      You see, initially I was buying the disposables and I really enjoyed them. But we bought some off brand rechargeable and I was really not impressed. Long charging times and short use, that would last me less than half a day.

      I was searching the net for a replacement and I found V4L, The other brands that I found were mostly from China and I really wanted one the was USA based.

      And not only did I find one that was here in the US of A, they're right in my back yard, so to speak.

      So, anyway, after I looked at all the different types of e-cigs, I settled on the EGO kit. I wanted something that would last me all day with the minimum of fuss. And the EGO kit was what I settled on.

      The only thing I couldn't decide on was what e-juice to get. I wanted menthol to start with, but when I looked at the selections there are 19 different menthol combinations!!!

      When I placed my order, I spoke to the lady who took my order. Who was very nice by the way. She was very helpful! She asked what type of juice I wanted and we talked about what brand of analog's I smoked. We settled on the Traditional Tobacco Menthol Nobacco juice. She said it was like the Marlboro brand.

      Anyway, I ordered my kit on Thursday, and it arrived on Friday! Thank you very much USPS!

      I read the information and looked at the vids here. The only thing I would ding them on is that there really aren't any instructions at all included with the kit.

      It would be nice for a first timer like myself to have something for the 5ml dual coil cartomizer show how to put the juice in. There are videos here and other places on You-Tube, but you have to know where to look.

      If nothing else, maybe put a link on the description page to the video.

      Other I got everything juiced up successfully and connected the battery.

      The battery had a fair charge on it to begin with and I was able to start without having to charge first. That was nice.

      So I took my first hit of TT Menthol with a WOW cartomizer.

      Oh WOW!

      It was nothing like any of the e-cigs I used previously! There was tremendous vapor a lot of flavor and was as enjoyable as smoking analogs.


      I'm sure I'll be trying other combo's of juice as time goes along.

      I will definitely stay with e-cigs and VAPOR 4 LIFE.

      Thank you Steve!!!

    • Nothing Better
      Review by JDR on 10/7/2012
      Have tried other companies, some the highest rated online, bought the crap at the malls. Invested a lot of money on other eliquids from other places. Vapor4Life should be top on the list, it's top on mine! I gave all the other stuff from other companies to other people who want to try vaping, but explained if they like it, order from V4L. This kit is a steal for the price. Long lasting battery- all day long. I have two batteries just in case. Also, the vapor is amazing. The eliquids are delicious! Like others commented if you don't care this this does not look like a cigarette and you want a long lasting battery this is the one to get. I might also add that it is easy to hold, soft feel I either have it in a pocket in my purse or in the pocket of my jeans. The cartromizers last a long time. I fill them or top them off once a day and vape all day long. The 30ml liquid price is the same or less than the 15ml I was getting at the mall. I was a heavy smoker. I still use 24 mg and vape all day! I'm no longer winded or coughing. I feel healthier and love that I'm not smelling like an ashtray. No more going outside in the cold or the heat. I've been tobacco free for over a year and I swear you couldn't pay me to smoke a real cigarette! Not even tempted! This is the company and products for me! Customer Service is swift. When I had trouble, due to my error in filling the cartromizers they gracious replaced them! Delivery was fast! Thank-you V4L!
    • Doesn't work
      Review by Gary on 3/31/2017
      I purchased one of these as a change to the E Cigars I have been using. I got it home, plugged in charger, battery started flashing a white light, charger started turning from red to green off and on. Finally after about an hour it turned green. I put juice in the cartomizer and started to draw on it and.....nothing! put battery back on charger, turned green and tried again. Again, nothing! Not too impressive!


    EGO Kit with 1 Battery, 1 5 mL Dual Coil Mega Cartomizer, and 1 Slim Charger



    3.7 - 4.2 volts*

    Nominal Voltage:
    3.7 volts

    900 - 1300 (4 second puff)

    Puffing Time:
    8 - 12 hours


    Charge Time:
    4 - 8 hours

    On/Off Switch:
    Pressing the power button 5 times turns the device on and again turns it off.

    *Voltage: This battery has an unregulated voltage. When the battery is at a full charge, the voltage is 4.2 volts. The voltage will slowly decrease, ultimately dropping to 3.7 volts when the battery is fully discharged.

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