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EGO Mega Cartomizer 5-Pack


Vapor4Life's custom made EGO cartomizers are for use with 808 threaded EGO-style batteries only. These dual coil cartomizers can be filled with up to 4mL of e Liquid, and provide tons of vapor when paired with a Vapor4Life EGO e Cig battery.

  • Comes with 2 rubber mouthpieces

  • Available in 4 colors

  • Can be refilled up to 5 times

Choose Your Color

  • Black
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Silver

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  • EGO Mega Cartomizer 5-Pack
    Review by joneswla on 6/25/2018
    Love this setup cartomizer and kit is what I was looking for. Good vape and I love that you get a good cloud of smoke with a hard hit batteries lasts all day but I got 4 batteries so I have one on hand fully charged got me to stop smoking now for 3 1/2 months now I never thought I would ever say I don't smoke cigarettes anymore
  • Great Deal
    Review by Andrea on 6/4/2018
    This is really a great deal and these cartomizers don't need to be refilled for days
  • Save money by buying multi packs
    Review by Pamela on 1/12/2017
    Always purchase the multipack to save a little money-thanks V4Life
    Review by Mary on 12/30/2016
    I began using these batteries recently when my old 510s just weren't cutting it anymore. These batteries last me all day on a single charge! Using this battery with the Mega Cartomizer is just like smoking a "real" cigarette, in my opinion. They do take a little long to charge, so have an extra one or two on hand.
  • 5 stars at first then slowly goes down
    Review by John on 8/19/2016
    Love the ego. This was the one I started with. Sometimes the pin gets stuck and requires some paperclip repairs but other then that they work great
  • Really love at first
    Review by Jennifer on 8/14/2016
    Are great for 1st refill or 2 but unlike other EGO CARTOMIZERS these don't taste consistently good for many refills to me
    Review by james on 11/19/2015
    Great holds lots of juice lasts all day.
  • EGO 1.5 ohm Dual Coil Mega Cartomizer - 808 Threaded
    Review by DEBORAH on 8/20/2015
    I like this battery the best so far. If I remember to shut off the battery before charging it seems to charge faster, and will sometimes last me for 15 to 20 hours.
    Review by Love'em! on 4/15/2015
    I love the EGO 1.5 ohm Dual Coil Mega Cartomizer. It's a long lasting cart, very easy to fill and will hold quite a bit of juice. As the day goes on, I take the top of the cart off, (VERY simple), and put more juice in as needed. Lasts for days. Great value- Great vape!
    Review by lorna doone on 6/10/2014
    these are the only ones i use. the regular carts didn't work half the time. the tanks worked sometimes and sometimes leaked all over wasting the juice. these rarely ever leak. they work great, hold a lot of juice and last a long time. some last a few weeks and some only a few days. i haven't figured out why. they work with the omg battery and the diamond.
  • WOW
    Review by harold on 5/30/2014
    Blown away! Excellent vapor and taste!
    Review by Brian on 2/26/2014
    This is the only carto I ever use. Have tried others but always come back to this one.
    Review by Amanda on 11/22/2013
    Started with little cartos - ho hum, moved to tanks - fiddly and leaky - moved to these...
    Hold heaps of juice, are easy to fill, hardy - difficult to burn or overfill and best of all - great flavour, lots of vapour.
    Review by William on 11/6/2013
    Whenever I am trying out a new flavor of liquid I always use a regular Wow blank cartomizer - because if I don't warm up to the new flavor I've only used a $2 cart. Once I've decided the new taste is a keeper, I switch to a mega cartomizer ($4). These give so much vape for the dollar, overall, no matter if you are a light or heavy vaper; but even more importantly, they are easy to draw on and produce as much or as little as you need more naturally like a real cig. After trying for 1 1/2 years with e-cigs to FULLY switch from analogs - these megas have made THE difference and I haven't had a real one since Aug.8th and now PREFER ecigs to analogs !!!!
  • Enjoyed it
    Review by terri on 4/22/2018
    these are slim and last a long time
  • Works well
    Review by Ash on 11/2/2016
    Works very well with the wow juice and ego battery. I just wish the cartomizer lasted longer. The coil burns out in a couple of weeks and I get a burnt taste. Otherwise, an excellent product.
  • Ego
    Review by Andrew on 1/20/2019
    Lasts long time.
  • Ego Carts
    Review by Lezim on 10/2/2018
    I've used these for years....and loved them. I love the strength and longevity of the batteries, although they do take a long time to charge. These dual coil mega carts have always been great, but I have to agree with Smyth's 6-3-2018 review.......the quality has gone WAY DOWN with the new and improved version I've received with my last few orders. The carts no longer last like they used to, and they tend to flood easily when refilling. Removing the tip and looking inside these "new" carts, you can see that the hole is different (the inner lining is somewhat raised), and many times, there are two holes inside....as opposed to one. You can tell the newer version easily, the individual wrapping is much thinner than the older ones. I'm not sure WHY they felt the need to improve an already excellent produce, and overall, I'd say that the "new and improved" version of these carts, is a massive FAIL.
  • Quality has gone way down
    Review by Smyth on 6/3/2018
    These used to be really reliable. Last batch we received (April or May 2018) were packaged differently, and the quality was awful. Only about 1 in 3 worked, the rest either burned every hit, or died in less than 12 hours - you could whack it a few times and get maybe one more hit. Please go back to the old quality.


KR808D Ego Style
1.5 ohm
3.06 in
0.56 in
Stainless steel, surgical-grade silicone tip
808 threaded EGO-style batteries only
Black, Green, Pink and Silver
Pull off the soft mouth piece from the cartomizer and drip 40-50 drops against the side of the cartomizer letting it drip into the white filler material. Work your way around turning the cartomizer as you fill to let it drip down the inside walls of the cartomizer. Let sit for 3 minutes. If the polyfill is not saturated, repeat this process. Replace mouth piece, screw onto a battery and you're ready to vape. Once you experience a lack of vapor production or flavor, it is time to refill the Ego cartomizer.


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