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EGO Mega Cartomizers

Vapor4Life's custom made EGO cartomizers are for use with 808 threaded EGO-style batteries only. These dual coil cartomizers can be filled with up to 4mL of e Liquid, and provide tons of vapor when paired with a Vapor4Life EGO battery.

  • Comes with 2 rubber mouthpieces
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Can be refilled up to 5 times

Choose Your Color

  • Black
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Silver

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This one-of-a-kind 808 threaded EGO Cartomizer was built by Vapor4Life founder "Smilin" Steve because he wanted to build an EGO-style cartomizer that has better airflow, taste and performance.

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    Review by Julie on 6/11/2018
    Once I figured out how to use it LOL I love it, It is a bit bulky but I use mine at home. I use my other slimmer batteries and carts on the go. It Holds about 100 drops of juice and last all day! I would love to leave a review for V4L customer service but they don't have a place. Via E mail Paul in Customer service helped me figure things out. They are always fast and on top of everything!
  • Great Cart
    Review by Alicia on 1/11/2018
    Refillable cart that holds a lot of juice. I love the rubber tips that last forever. Very easy to use!
  • Cart that won't let you down.
    Review by Kimberly on 12/14/2017
    This is a real cart that will hold a lot of juice. It is refillable several times. A good product and a good value. Easy to use.
  • Works great
    Review by Pamela on 1/12/2017
    Long lasting and works fantastically
  • Never let me down
    Review by jodana on 11/11/2016
    These hold a lot and last a long time. Good product and wonderful customer service. I got these the next day after I ordered them. WOW I am impressed.
  • Outstanding
    Review by Dan on 8/2/2016
    I used prefilled carts for the longest time. Then I bought my first bottle of juice and one of these. All I can say is WOW!
  • Love them
    Review by Cassandra on 7/21/2016
    I switched to the EGO a few months back and I really like these versus the ones that look like actual cigarettes. I love how they last so much longer in between charges and refills.
  • bad taste
    Review by DENNIS on 4/24/2016
    I would have to disagree with Nan on the vapor production. I get quite a bit vapor with them. On the other hand I do have to agree with the rubber taste of the tips. but it's not too terribly bad.
  • Amazing
    Review by Michael on 3/21/2016
    Lots of vape battery lasts a long time just ordered another one
  • Mega cart
    Review by james on 12/11/2015
    Great holds lots of juice lasts all day.
  • Rubber Taste
    Review by Steve B on 12/1/2015
    If my experience with the V2 smileomizers is any guide, the rubber taste is not from the rubber covering of the drip tip. You can slide the rubber off the drip tube and check for yourself.

    In my case, the rubber taste came from a dry burned cart which uses the new and improved polyfill. I use VG which is viscous and it takes several hours, and many additions of juice, to properly load up the smileomizer. I failed to get it properly loaded the first time and got the rubber taste.

    After filling another smileomizer properly, it seems to work well.
  • Rubber taste
    Review by Nan on 11/9/2015
    I have been using the smileomizers and I love them! I thought these Mega Carts would hold more juice and last longer. I was very disappointed. First, the rubber tips on these taste gosh awful. I have cleaned them and I can still taste them. its a foul rubbery taste. I can enjoy the juice because of this. 2nd, these mega carts cant possibly hold as much as the smileomizers. I'll stick with the smileomizers even tho I dont enjoy them as much after I have refilled them about 4 times. Ive thought about calling customer service about these foul tasting tips but I dont see what they could suggest that I do other than clean them before I use them. Ive already tried that. i gave them a 3 because they did produce a LOT of vapor.
  • wow
    Review by Harold on 6/20/2015
    Blown away! Excellent vapor and taste!
  • not bad
    Review by joe on 6/12/2015
    i ordered a few of these thinking i would use them with my OMG all day because they were 808 threaded. not so since the connector is recessed, i guess to fit the ego. not wanting to waste a few good carts, i dremeled off the bottom 1/4 inch to expose the connector which did then fit on the omg mod. it worked just fine, vapes like the tankomizers except no tank. they hold a lot of juice and are much easier to refill because theres so much cotton in there. i would order these again, theres a lot more output than regular cartos. overall happy with it except for the connector part but that took me all of 15 seconds to remedy.
  • Great Vapor But....
    Review by Robert on 5/4/2015
    Gives a great vapor but seems to drain my two Vapor Titan batteries faster than I can charge them and will not work with my XL Dial a Volt. Can someone recommend a compatible battery that is the same dimension ?.
  • the best
    Review by lorna doone on 2/10/2015
    these are the only ones i use. the regular carts didn't work half the time. the tanks worked sometimes and sometimes leaked all over wasting the juice. these rarely ever leak. they work great, hold a lot of juice and last a long time. some last a few weeks and some only a few days. i haven't figured out why. they work with the omg battery and the diamond.
  • Only One I Like
    Review by Brian on 12/25/2014
    This is the only carto I ever use. Have tried others but always come back to this one.
  • nice
    Review by Brandon on 12/17/2014
    Love these they give you great air flow and no refilling every 2 hours
  • Deborah
    Review by EGO 1.5 ohm Dual Coil Mega Cartomizer - 808 Threaded on 10/4/2014
    I like this battery the best so far. If I remember to shut off the battery before charging it seems to charge faster, and will sometimes last me for 15 to 20 hours.
  • Mega Cart VS Cool Cart
    Review by Robert on 9/6/2014
    Just bought the starter kit and ordered 2 packs of cool carts.
    The kit also came with 1 mega cart. I don't know whose writing these reviews but there is no comparison between the two.
    Most reviews say the cool carts hold 18-22 drops, NO-WAY
    I can't even get more than 6 to 8 drops in them. They are so small how can that be possible? On the other hand the mega cart I filled with 12 drops and boy oh boy what a vapor...WOW
    So sorry I spent $20 on the cool-carts, never again.
  • Great Product
    Review by kathleen b on 8/20/2014
    I sure hope there has been no change in the cartomizer because I love these, and have been able to refill them a lot more than 5 times ! I have not had a problem with a rubber taste as some others have, they are great carts, easy to put in the purse and not worry about any leaking.
  • best for me
    Review by Amanda on 4/20/2014
    Started with little cartos - ho hum, moved to tanks - fiddly and leaky - moved to these...
    Hold heaps of juice, are easy to fill, hardy - difficult to burn or overfill and best of all - great flavour, lots of vapour.
  • What an imporvement
    Review by Dale on 3/23/2014
    Several months ago I purchased these with the starter kit and was totally disappointed in the results and indicated as much in my review. Through dedicated customer service I was asked to try them again and I have to say the improvements are phenomenal. No burnt taste and no leakage. Not sure what was done but keep up the good work. Thanks.
  • Great
    Review by jink on 1/16/2014
    I really like the EGO. This is my favorite!
  • great...but...
    Review by karen605 on 12/6/2013
    I love my new EGO 1.5. BUT I lost the 2 mouthpieces that come with it and I can't find where to purchase seperate pieces!
  • Great Tank at a Great Price!
    Review by Theresa on 10/24/2013
    I have 4 of these tanks. I like different colors for my different flavors. They hold a lot of juice and last a long time. I just discovered will fit on the Passthorugh too. These things are a real bargain!
  • Great Value
    Review by Theresa on 7/8/2013
    This tank is awesome and the price is great also. They hold enough juice for all day use. This is well worth the price. Lots of vapor, one of my favorites!
  • The Best - Makes ecigs a REAL substitute for analogs !
    Review by William on 6/5/2013
    Whenever I am trying out a new flavor of liquid I always use a regular Wow blank cartomizer - because if I don't warm up to the new flavor I've only used a $2 cart. Once I've decided the new taste is a keeper, I switch to a mega cartomizer ($4). These give so much vape for the dollar, overall, no matter if you are a light or heavy vaper; but even more importantly, they are easy to draw on and produce as much or as little as you need more naturally like a real cig. After trying for 1 1/2 years with e-cigs to FULLY switch from analogs - these megas have made THE difference and I haven't had a real one since Aug.8th and now PREFER ecigs to analogs !!!!
  • Mega Cart VS Cool Cart
    Review by Robert on 6/4/2013
    Just bought the starter kit and ordered 2 packs of cool carts.
    The kit also came with 1 mega cart. I don't know whose writing these reviews but there is no comparison between the two.
    Most reviews say the cool carts hold 18-22 drops, NO-WAY
    I can't even get more than 6 to 8 drops in them. They are so small how can that be possible? On the other hand the mega cart I filled with 12 drops and boy oh boy what a vapor...WOW
    So sorry I spent $20 on the cool-carts, never again.
  • nice step up from normal carts
    Review by CrueLworLD on 5/14/2013
    These things are bigger than I thought. Which isn't a bad thing. I really like the flat rubber tips they come with. They work well and I'm satisfied. Just be aware that they will Not work on a dial a volt They also look kind of odd on a normal stick battery but work great on my OMG VV!
  • Two problems
    Review by Spatch on 5/2/2013
    This cartomizer gives great vape when working. However, I have experienced two problems with this cart. First, the part that makes contact with the battery is sometimes slightly "pushed in" so that it doesn't actually touch the battery when screwed on. In those cases, the cart will not heat up. To fix this, I inserted a paperclip into the top and through the center tube and pushed the other end of the cart down toward the battery until it connects. I have experienced this with about 20% of new carts. Second, the part that screws onto the battery can come off and cannot easily be reattached to the cart.
  • Long Lasting! Great Vape!
    Review by Love'em! on 4/25/2013
    I love the EGO 1.5 ohm Dual Coil Mega Cartomizer. It's a long lasting cart, very easy to fill and will hold quite a bit of juice. As the day goes on, I take the top of the cart off, (VERY simple), and put more juice in as needed. Lasts for days. Great value- Great vape!
  • great
    Review by stephen on 4/9/2013
    they work perfect.
  • Since 2014
    Review by Elaine MDG on 1/14/2019
    I had started vaping with V4L back in 2009, with the usual beginners “stick” vapes ((Ie: King, Titan). I’d done OK, but kept slipping back to analogues until I pretty much gave up on vaping around 2012. I just wasn’t getting the same satisfaction from vaping as I did from smoking at that time. Then, my already bad health (oddly enough NOT attributed to smoking) worsened, I decided to try again, with more motivation this time. March 1,2014, I had to go run some errands and planned on ordering when I got home that day. That day turned into a late afternoon, evening nightmare as my landlord at the time decided to jerry-rig our already faulty electrical system. Long story short- I lost everything in a fire that day, including my feline companion of 8 years and I ended up in the hospital because I was trying to save her. While I got out of the hospital a few days later, my life was upside down and exactly 1 month later I was back in the hospital after a thankfully, milk, heart attack. I was in the hospital almost a month that time and decided I wasn’t going “home” to smoking again, and ordered my first EGO kits. My friends had also rescued a very young, very sick kitten, but could no longer care for her and were planning on having her put down.
    My new non-smoking life with my little Princess started when I got home.
    Although I’ve Tried a few mods, Zeus, and VV, I always return to my dependable EGO’s. My ONLY complaint is there seems to be more duds in the past year or so than before, and the batteries don’t last quite as long. Up until 2 months ago, I was still using a battery I purchased in 2014! I’ve gotten to know the guys in customer service over the years and wouldn’t deal with any other company besides V4L! While i’d Planned on weaning down, because i’ve Felt so much better as far as my breathing and I did come down a bit on the nicotine; I don’t have any other vices and just don’t see the need to at this time. Although I spend a lot of time in & out of hospitals because of my kidney and orthopedic problems; most of the hospitals I go to just let me “sneak” my EGO’s in and even if I have to go a few days without, it’s not a problem. In fact, i’ve Been able to get quite a few healthcare professionals to finally switch to vaping over the past 4+ years.
    Leela-kitty and I live very simple lives these days, but we are hoping to move this year to be closer to my Son-who i’ve Been trying to get to switch for years! He’s been vaping cannabis and CBD, BUT so far, refuses to give up his smokes. Hopefully, that will change this year. He’s starting to have health issues related to our genetic disorder, and I can only hope he’ll at least give up the cigs once I move there and show him how I went from a pack a day to my lower nicotine EGO’s.
    Thanks for everything guys & gals!
  • You can refil them but I feel they started to lose the taste
    Review by John on 8/19/2016
    They worked great the first time then they got a little worse each time.


KR808D Ego Style
1.5 ohm
3.06 in
0.56 in
Stainless steel, surgical-grade silicone tip
808 threaded EGO-style batteries only
Black, Green, Pink and Silver
Pull off the soft mouth piece from the cartomizer and drip 40-50 drops against the side of the cartomizer letting it drip into the white filler material. Work your way around turning the cartomizer as you fill to let it drip down the inside walls of the cartomizer. Let sit for 3 minutes. If the polyfill is not saturated, repeat this process. Replace mouth piece, screw onto a battery and you're ready to vape. Once you experience a lack of vapor production or flavor, it is time to refill the Ego cartomizer.


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