EGO Premium Kit

EGO kit includes:
  • 2 EGO Batteries
  • 5 EGO Mega-Cartomizers (5mL)
  • 1 Slim Wall Charger
  • 5 EGO Mega-Cartomizer Tips

  • Color of your battery and cartomizer

    • Black
    • Pink
    • Green

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    This unique 808-threaded EGO style battery will shock you with the amount of vapor that it produces. Put e-liquid in the easy-to-fill EGO Mega-Cartomizer, screw onto the ecig battery, and vape away.

    Includes 90 day warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

    • Amazing Deal
      Review by Andrea on 6/4/2018
      This is a really great item and a great deal. It will last you a long time with everything it comes with. It is a really great deal!
    • Easy to use and dependable. What more could you want!
      Review by Kimberly on 12/14/2017
      This is my go to item. Provides an easy to use and enjoyable vape experience. Good value for the money.
    • Great kit
      Review by Ashish on 5/21/2017
      I got this kit to try and reduce my daily cig smoke. It works so well and have cut my cigs by half. I would recommend this for all.
    • Can't beat having 2
      Review by Shana on 9/9/2016
      I always have to ecigs on hand. You never know when you are going to need a backup. These ecigs are awesome and the kit is perfect because it has everything you need. I've never been disappointed with any product I've ordered from Vapor4life. Plus, they have the best customer service I have ever experienced!!
    • what you need to get started
      Review by John on 8/19/2016
      Not only is this what you need it is all you need. to start and vape for a little while.
      Great intro package
    • Best EGO KIT
      Review by Jennifer on 8/14/2016
      I've tried soooooo many EGO products from tons of websites and this one by far is superior in quality but the fact that you cannot use it with other Cartomizers is a bummer for me...
    • This Product Has Changed My Life
      Review by Brittany on 9/27/2015
      I was a pack-per-day smoker up until a month and a half ago when I bought the Ego Kit. I had tried other e-cigs and they didn't stick. The disposables I tried weren't great permanent option and the other vape kit I bought leaked all the time. I didn't want to splurge on one of the more expensive options, because it was a bigger investment for something that I may or may not use all the time. With two batteries and five carts this gave me everything I needed. I've been smoke free ever since.
    • Great Way to Start Vaping
      Review by Kenneth on 6/17/2014
      I've bought 3 of these EGO kits all together over the years and this is definitely one of the best ways to get started if you're new to the vaping game. Add on a couple tanks, a liquid you know you like and a sampler pack or two and you've got a great vaping starter kit with enough liquid to last months, all under $100! for the price of two cartons of cigarettes (or one if you live in NY) you have all the nicotine filled bliss you need to get off tobacco.

      I can't recommend this highly enough for someone who wants to start vaping on a budget!
    • My Style..
      Review by kwd on 5/17/2014
      I love this kit. Has everything I need and I can vape for a long time without battery needing to be charged and not having to refill the cart often!
    • excelent
      Review by linn on 2/11/2014
      I love love looove these!only thing missing was the driptips though...
      And it would be sooo cool if there was liquid in this kit too;)
      I went frm 20 smokes a day to 1 or 2 in 3 weeks!thank you v4l♥
    • Blown Away
      Review by NUVaper on 11/22/2013
      I started vaping around three years ago; for those first couple of years I was just using the regular analog style batteries and cartomizers. Eventually I upgraded to filling the cartomizers; then I gave in and bought a pack of analogs... I fell back into my addiction for about 2 weeks before I got my act together and decided to get back with vaping. This time I decided that I would get something better. This is the kit I chose to get; I got some menthol juice as well. I received my order within about 3 days of ordering which was fanastic because I really needed to stop the analogs. I filled up the dual cartomizer and stuck it on the eGo battery; my face lit up like a Christmas tree when I got that first puff. The taste was incredible, the vapor was thick but light; everything about it made me think about my first time vaping. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade from the smaller analog style ones; its very affordable and the quality is top notch. I bought a green and black battery; the black looks exactly like the one on the site but the green is darker which I was actually very happy about. Its more of a forest type green which looks way better to me. Ive put about 25mls of juice through one cartomizer so far and it works like day one still. Seriously If you are considering this kit just do it! Its so worth the money and I am EXTREMELY pleased with the product. I plan on buying more juices soon.
    • so far love this thing
      Review by Steven on 9/22/2013
      Uhm wat canI i say ordered it on friday came on monday so far works great only downside is I bought a carton of cigarettes on sunday but overall very impressed will order more if it holds up wanna try some of the different flavors I got french vanilla its ok but I also got mango really like it nice and smooth not too strong V4L
    • It's ok
      Review by John on 9/9/2013
      It's an ok kit, just be aware this isn't eG0 threaded and will not take eGO threaded Cartomizers, Clearomizers or tanks. You're stuck with 808 accessories. Not a fan of the oversized carts that came with this there are better options out there. Personally I like bottom coil wick-fed clearomizers best.
    • Best bang for your buck!!!!
      Review by joseph on 6/16/2013
      I bought 1 Ego kit and within 3 days, but another kit with extra Mega Catomizers and a ton of liquids!!! This also works with regular cartomizers if you have an older battery. I would recommend this to ANYONE who wants massive vapor for a good price. I just bought the Zeus today with more juices because of this Ego battery.
    • So Very Pleased
      Review by Sharee on 6/3/2013
      Just got this kit, this is my first e-cig. I researched a lot before choosing this set and I am so very happy with it. I didn't care about the "look" so much as far as staying close to a cigarette looking device so when I found this set it seemed like the perfect match. Long battery life, easy to refill, perfect for a beginner but with all the things a seasoned vaper would enjoy too. That just means this kit will last me a long time which is exactly what I wanted!
    • WOWvapor says it all!
      Review by Peter on 5/7/2013
      Best thing I have tried yet!

      Like most, I started with a "standard" e-cigarette. They were OK, but then I needed to carry extra batteries and cartomizers all the time.

      The next thing I tried was mini-tanks. They too were OK, but they all leak eventually.

      I got a couple of the WOWvapor Mega Cartomizers. I liked them, but they looked and felt silly with a "standard" battery.

      My EGO kit arrived today. It delivers an awesome hit. It is the best product I have come across thus far.

      Your company rocks! Always FAST deliveries. I placed three online orders the same day as this kit, and this is the only one that arrived today.
    • No thread cover
      Review by KEITH on 4/11/2013
      Great starter kit but so far no one at vapor4life can tell me where I can buy a thread cover?
    • Awesome deal! Great kit!
      Review by Ken on 2/11/2013
      This is one of the best possible deals on V4L, and looks great with both the Ego carts & the 3.5 mL tanks. I own one set of this kit and am definitely going to order another in the very near future.
    • A step above ANYTHING else!!!
      Review by VaporNurse on 12/16/2012
      I started vaping around 6 months ago.
      I was in search of something more that would allow me to leave the house for a 12 hour shift and not panic that my batteries would run down,
      I can say the EGO will last all day on a battery and if you fill a cart before you leave they last all day too!!!
      In addition I would say that Vapor4life has beyond excellent and way above par customer service. Quick deliveries as well..bottom line is this: You cannot go wrong with any product from vapor4life!!!
      Review by Jeremy on 12/16/2012
      This is the product that I was looking for! Long battery life and great vapor. Love the size of the cart as well!
    • Pretty awesome but....
      Review by Elisabeth on 11/24/2012
      I've ordered two of these kits and the concept of the product is awesome! You get an amazing hit as compared to the normal diamond and Titan batts. However, I've had a lot of problems with the actual cartomizers them self. A few have had the thread that connects to the battery come off or have been burnt straight out of the package. I do recommend this product to seasoned vapers, just make sure you have an extra cartomizer (or two). If the cart "bugs" would be worked out, the EGO would be off the hook fantastic!!!
    • Not enough stars, this baby is a 10!
      Review by BethyBoop on 10/24/2012
      Best kit EVER! I started with the old standard ash tip vapor kings, then got a few of the diamond ones. Worked well enough to get me hooked, but soon the carbonized just seemed way too small. I graduated to the tanks, but I'm not only clumsy, but a bit of an airhead, so I was always making a mess, and it seemed like I wasted a ton of juice, and the flavor would start tasting "off" rather quickly. (And the juice would visibly darken after a day of sitting in the tank; grossed me out.). Still, I considered the tank an improvement since I wasn't always dealing with carrying around, refilling and trying to clean a billion tiny cartos. Then, as some of my batteries aged they didn't hold a charge as well and I would sometimes leave the house with 3 or more batteries and before days end, they would all die and leave me very cranky.

      Then I got an ego kit. I didn't love the size and shape, the cigarette-style ones are less conspicuous, but compared to the awkwardness of the tanks, it's nothing. The batteries ALWAYS last at least a full day, and if it has a full charge and full carto I can leave for the day with just one ego batt and carto and be confident they will both last all day. I also like that the mega cartomizers not only hold a ton more juice, but they are easier to clean and as a result I can use them much longer than the standard size carts or even the tanks. I even tried an ego atomizer kit I purchased elsewhere, but the vapor and flavor they produced was nothing compared to this kit.

      I 100% recommend this kit to anyone. The performance is incomparable to anything else I've tried. Great battery life, lots of vapor, great flavor, no constant refilling, no mess. EGO rocks my socks. V4L, don't EVER stop selling these, please!
    • Best Product Ever
      Review by Belva on 10/20/2012
      Of 27 reviews, 26 give it 5 stars. One review gave it four stars, only because you must order the complete kit each time instead of just replacement battery.

      Try it - you'll love it!

      You're wasting your time & money if you buy anything else but this magnificent product.
    • Simple the best
      Review by Osmand on 10/7/2012
      the best kit ever, i'll never buy another kit, thanks guys
    • Awesome
      Review by Rh on 10/7/2012
      Love the battery life, mixing own flavors and currently down to 4mg mixing with 0 mg. Keep up the good work V4L absolutely love your products !
    • Love it ! Battery life awesome !
      Review by RH on 10/7/2012
      Plan to buy another kit with all my favorite juices !
    • Wonderful!
      Review by Stephanie on 10/7/2012
      Love the EGO. It has the best Vape. I first bought the Titan Ultimate Kit, but it didn't have the Vape as the EGO has and it stopped working after 2 weeks. So my husband and I went to the Smokeless Lounge at Vapor4Life and the customer service was excellent. Thank you so much Scott!! I wouldn't Vape with anything else now.
    • I am in love.....
      Review by Audrey on 10/7/2012
      I just received this today and I am so in love with it that I have decided not to buy any other one. I have used the Titan for a little over a month now and I did not love it as much as I love this one.........Thank You
    • GREAT starter kit!
      Review by Via, the Vocal Vaper on 10/7/2012
      If I were to go back 8 months. Wheni didn't know anything, and needed a starter kit..and I was SERIOUS about switching to vaping, I would purchase THIS kit set up with 5-10 replacement 5ml eGo mega carts. 1 Titan AUTO battery (I prefer XL for longer run time) AND 1 MANUAL Titan 2-3 boxes of "sampler" cartos (or perhaps small sampler bottles of juice, if you are adventurous) and an extra slim-line battery charger. Follow up with bottles of juice in your favorite flavors from the sampler sets (I recommend three bottles for one month supply) and either extra blank cartos, prefilled cartos, or, for the adventurous, a tank. Ask any questions on the V4L forum here or on ECF Forum...the days turn into weeks turn into months...I HIGHLY recommend putting an eGo to work immediately, you will be one happy Vaper!!
    • Don't Hesitate to Buy This
      Review by Happy Campers on 10/7/2012
      I bought two of these kits, one in pink and one in green for my hubby. We were using the cigarette-type ecigs(an expensive brand that was supposed to be top-of-the-line) and had stopped using them due to constant battery charging and replacing cartomizers. The manual battery is better than automatic for vaping control and use with eliquids. I wont be going back to the other kit. We were heavy smokers, and the normal ecigs just didn't work for us. These are "real" cartomizers that hold 5 ml; forget the toys! And these are "real" batteries that actually hold a charge for a good amount of time! With this kit, we don't miss our analogs. Shipping was fast; only 3 days. And we are happier with our order from this company than from previous ones we've ordered from. Seems they appreciate their customers more :)
      Review by Jen Jen on 10/7/2012
      I am totally in love with these, they far surpass anything I have used before. I was a bit reluctant because I do love the size of the titans, but my aunt let me try hers and these just blew me away! I kind of even prefer the size now! Outstanding job V4L!
    • Love this kit!
      Review by Jdr on 10/7/2012
      So much better than the models that look like a cigarette. I've tried a lot of them and although they were ok- this device is amazing. Great vapor, battery life outstanding and their eliquids are excellent! Can't say enough good things about this device and the price is can't be beat for what is included! Customer Service was extremely nice and expeditious. This is the company I am proud to do business with and will continue to do so.
    • All around the best value and the best product.
      Review by EGO QUEEN on 10/7/2012
      I absolutely love this ego kit. I love Vapor4life too. Keep up the great work.
    • Fabulous!
      Review by JenJen on 10/7/2012
      This is absolutely the best kit that I have ever had! Batteries last all day - really! And the mega cartomizers - what can I say? They really give you a satisfying vape and last a long long time! At first I was a bit put off by the size, but they feel really good in your hand and I quickly adjusted to the bigger size! Love Love Love this kit! Thanks Steve and the guys from V4L!
    • Best one yet!!!
      Review by Jules on 10/7/2012
      Great product .. best vap .. and unreal battery life .. although would like to purchase another spare battery and cant find them for sale separately.
    • Awesome
      Review by Jdr on 10/7/2012
      Awesome deal. Long battery life! Great vapor. Lots of great flavors from Vape4Life. Bought this set in pink for me and black for my husband!
      Review by flamechica911 on 10/7/2012
      I LOVE my Ego! I had tried vaping a few years ago & I just didn't get the throat hit I was looking for that satisfied my analogue craving. The Ego does that for me! The battery life is awesome! I usually only use it for 1 day, but I can go two days typically without the need to recharge.
      Review by Larry on 10/7/2012
      Been vaping for a year and what a long educational trip it's been. I absolutely LOVE V4L products....but EGO is the King! I have tried several different brands....V4L has the best prices, the best customer service, and all their products beat out the competition. If u want excellent vapor production....all day plus battery life...then look no further than this baby!
    • Hesitant at first, but glad I did
      Review by Katrina on 10/7/2012
      Wasn't sure I'd like this as I've only been vaping two months and loving my titans. Still love my titans, but liking this better. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I can't order the batteries separately like i can the additional mega cartos. To get a different color, I have to order a complete new kit. But the previous reviews are correct: batteries last a good 8 or more hours before they need to be recharged, and I can fill a carto once and it lasts most of the day. Not too big, either, so carrying it around is not an issue. The soft-touch coating is nice, and the color is nice. So far I have the silver and the pink. Would love to order a black and green, but I'm not fond of having to buy the whole kit just to get them. I'll keep watching; eventually maybe this will be an option.
    • Awesome
      Review by Alan on 10/7/2012
      My Ego kit just arrived. The batteries have juice so I added some e-juice and started vaping. OMG!!! The vapor volume is off the chain. Taste is great. I have nothing but good things to say about this kit. I had been using the old style e-cig and I probably will continue using the smaller e-cigs when I go out. But mornings, after meals and with coffee its all EGO
    • Excellent
      Review by Vaporhead on 10/7/2012
      Listen... if you can get over the fact your e-cig wont look like a regular cig, you'll be extremely pleased with this. I vape all day, and this battery lasts that (and then some). And I only have to fill the carto once a day. Unlike the smaller e-cig, I go thru batteries and carts all day long. You will be VERY happy you went with this. Allthough the carts dont last as long as they should (I think high vape draw burns these out faster) you'll still get premium vaping with this product.
    • What I've been waiting for
      Review by NH on 10/7/2012
      Cart performance is great and long lasting, dependable battery that is utterly amazing with a tank. Solid, weighty feel in my hand, this is my beloved RN-4072 all grown up! Way to go, Smilin'!
    • Love my "Green Giant"
      Review by Batavia on 10/7/2012
      Well made, great battery life.
    • Brilliant
      Review by Ray on 10/7/2012
      I love everything about this product. Absolutely happy.
    • Love these! Favorite V4L product!
      Review by ryrychristine on 10/7/2012
      At first I was like OMG this is so big when I first received my package but then I got used to it. I have been a v4l for over 2 years now and I must say these are the best. Make sure you take care of your battery or it will stop working. My friend got mine wet on the beach so I'm back here to get another one. Not going back to the small batteries anymore I don't think. I've been vaping on a vapor king and its just not the same!!!
    • Wow!
      Review by deadman31299 on 10/7/2012
      Great units.....been using them for almost 2 months, no issues. Great battery life! Great vapor! The 5ml cartomisers last for ever! Only used one since i bought the set, quality stuff here!

      My only complaint is actually a good one, THESE THINGS WON'T DIE! Ha Ha. Keep waiting for the battery to die, but it gives consistent vapor until the last puff. You can kind of tell when it's low, but it still performs to the LAST puff! Amazing.
    • Awesome Vapor
      Review by Matthew on 10/7/2012
      I love this kit. The battery lasts me all day and the vapor it produces is awesome. I have no desire to go back to smoking analog cigarettes since buying this kit. Local smoke shop sells the similar kit for twice the price. Thank you V4L.
    • I love these
      Review by sandy on 10/7/2012
      I have smoked for 45 years.this product has made me a non-tobacco user.i dont intent to quit this.ive always loved to i can breath anvd i quit. the cough.
    • EGO OMG!
      Review by William on 10/7/2012
      I basically have a battery in my hand all day and tent to smoke A LOT. This is the only battery that is up to the task in my opinion. Standard batteries would last me about 45 minutes and it was getting really annoying. This batter lasts me an entire day! And with two of them I always have a fully charged one ready to go =)
      The large carts that come with it are just great! They can last me all day when they're new (after about a week they start to loose their capacity and vapor output and tend to become hard to draw regardless of cleaning, still a lot longer lasting than regular carts and around the same price). The kit comes with a charger and one big cart. For thirty bucks that is an AMAZING deal!! Thanks V4L, you guys are the best ecig company that I have ever found, and I have tried at least 30 other companies so that's really saying something. You guys ROCK!!!! keep up the good work! Thanks again,


    EGO Kit with 2 Batteries, 5 (5 mL) Dual Coil Mega Cartomizers, and 1 Slim Charger



    3.7 - 4.2 volts*

    Nominal Voltage:
    3.7 volts

    900 - 1300 (4 second puff)

    Puffing Time:
    8 - 12 hours


    Charge Time:
    4 - 8 hours

    On/Off Switch:
    Pressing the power button 5 times turns the device on and again turns it off.

    *Voltage: This battery has an unregulated voltage. When the battery is at a full charge, the voltage is 4.2 volts. The voltage will slowly decrease, ultimately dropping to 3.7 volts when the battery is fully discharged.

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