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General Questions

 What is Vapor4Life?
  Why should I choose Vapor4Life?
 Is vaping a better alternative than smoking?
  How do I start vaping?
 Where can I purchase Vapor4Life products?
 How can I get Vapor4Life promo codes and discounts?
 Where can I use electronic cigarettes?
  When is customer service available?

Ordering and Shipping Questions

 What is Vapor4Life’s return policy?
  Do you ship international orders?
  What happens if I live outside the U.S. and my package gets stuck in customs?

E Cigarette Questions

 How do e cigarettes work?
  How can I get bigger hits from my Vapor Titan?
  I hear a crackling noise when I use my e cigarette. Is that normal?
  What does "mAh" refer to?
 Why is the light on my battery flashing?
  What is the difference between automatic and manual batteries?
 Which battery should I use with pre-filled cartomizers?

Questions About Vape Mods and Pods

 What’s the difference between a vape mod and an e cigarette?
 What is resistance/ohm in vaping?
  What is sub-ohm vaping?
 Do I need a different nicotine level with my mod?
 What is a Vape Pod?

Questions About E-Juice

 What is in the e-liquids?
 What PG/VG ratio should I choose?
 What is Nicotine Salt?
 What nicotine level should I start with?
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