First Flight Pop Clouds Salt e Juice

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Pop Cloud First Flight is a bold fusion of tropical flavors that soars above its fruity nic salt rivals. E-juices have come a long way since the first vape cloud took flight all those years ago. It blends peach, pomegranate, and citrus vape flavors.

Pop Clouds Salt First Flight eJuice

Peach is the flight leader, but pomegranate and citrus are able wingmen providing a balanced combination of sweet and tart. First Flight’s secret weapon is the unique fizzy mouthfeel and this is crucial to the experience. It breaks up the hard candy shell and adds a dash of zest that will remind you of pop rocks candy. The nic salt throat hit is more super cruise than afterburners, smooth with an enjoyable kick.

Pop Clouds Nic Salts are not intended to be used in sub-ohm vape devices.

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