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Fistful of Fruit e Juice (30mL)

Regular Price: $19.99

Special Price $15.99

The juicy flavors of fresh kiwi, apple, and strawberry tango on your tongue with this exotic fruit e juice. Every hit delivers a bite of apple, followed by a nibble of smooth strawberry and a hint of kiwi. This Ultimo e-juice has a VG/PG ratio of 60/40, so you’ll exhale a thick mist of sweet, fruit-infused vape smoke.

"New Zealand is one of the most biodiverse places on earth, with white sands beaches, dense jungles, and rugged mountains. This mix of kiwi, apple, and strawberry mimics that diversity, and brings to mind the lingering steam that rises over thermal springs cocooned in thick green foliage."

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  • A good blend
    Review by Carla on 6/15/2017
    Good juice. The apple is a little stronger than I'd like but overall good.
  • Word
    Review by Liam on 5/20/2017
    This is good
  • Decent Fruit Flavor
    Review by Todd on 8/1/2016
    Not a bad fruity flavor overall. Slight apple undertones and I think there could be a little more of the berry flavor to make it more pronounced. Mix this with the custard and you've got an excellent creamy fruit all day vape.
  • Cant really taste the kiwi or strawberry, mostly apple
    Review by Marcus on 4/13/2016
    I like apple vapes, but im more of a juicy red apple flavor than that granny smith apples taste. In my opinion I would tone down the apple side and pump up the kiwi and maybe a little more strawberry. Other than that im goinf to order some of the other flaovrs soon and see how they compare.
  • Nice Fruit Blend
    Review by VapingRebel on 2/18/2016
    I really like how these flavors come together, little subtle on the apple pop I was looking for but still a great flavor anyway.
  • Fruity goodness
    Review by John on 12/20/2017
    Fruity goodness packed with many different flavors
  • Light and Mellow
    Review by jstewart335 on 12/8/2016
    I was expecting a rush of fruit but was instead met with subtle undertones of apple, strawberry, etc.. a nice vape if you dont want strong flavor. In my opinion they could make this better.

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