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Vape Juice & Cartomizer Flavors

Satisfying Vaping Flavors Created with High-Quality Ingredients

Ultimo Vapor e juice

Ultimo Vapor

The newest line of e juice from Vapor4Life, Ultimo Vapor, brings you 10 mouthwatering vape flavors, from the biting Forbidden Frozen Apple, to the creamy Custard’s Last Stand. If you love giant vape clouds, this 60/40 VG/PG blend gives you exactly what you need for cloud chasing with one of our vape mods. Perch on a stool at an old school ice cream shoppe, swing into a saloon with tasty fog of vapor trailing behind you, or just channel your inner dragon and blow rolling clouds of e juice.


Tobacco Flavors


If you’re new to vaping, you might want to find a flavor to replicate the smokes you’re used to.  Our tobacco flavors actually taste like popular cigarette brands so you can make a smooth transition into vaping. Whether your brand is light, full-flavored, mild, sweet, rich, unfiltered, or European, we have a flavor that perfectly matches it. Our tobacco flavored E Liquids and prefilled tobacco cartomizers give you the kick needed to satisfy your cravings. Choose from nearly 30 authentic tasting tobacco e-cig flavors.


Menthol Flavors


From crispy cool Peppermint to the icy extreme of Wintergreen, we’ve got a wide range of menthol flavored vapes. If you’re looking for an ecig that tastes just like your favorite menthol cigarettes, you’ve come to the right place. If you prefer more minty or sweet flavors, try one of our menthol e Liquids without tobacco undertones. We even have combos like Apple Breeze, Peach Breeze, and Java Breeze for a totally unique vaping experience. Choose from 29 menthol ecig vapor flavors.


Fruit Flavors


Love biting into a fresh watermelon or peach? How about vaping flavors that taste like your favorite fruit? Savor delicious fruity vapes any time of year. Our flavorists have created 25 of the most authentic tasting fruit flavored e Liquids in the industry. Take your taste buds on a juicy adventure with succulent Mango, Pineapple or Sour Cherry. If you like berries, try award winning Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry or Strawberry.


Dessert Flavors


Delicious cobblers, candies, and chocolates with zero calories and zero guilt. A dream come true? Nope, just a few of Vapor4Life’s quality dessert e-cig flavors. Savor sinfully rich Dark Chocolate Raspberry or Peanut Butter Cup. You can vape Cinnamon Roll all day long and never get sticky fingers! There’s no doubt that your taste buds will go mad for our seductive selection of 34 dessert flavored vapes.


Coffee Flavors


“Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my cup of joe!” Keep a tank full of Vanilla Mocha Frappe or Hazelnut Coffee on your nightstand and you can vape your coffee first thing in the morning. From freshly roasted dark beans to silky smooth chocolatey blends, you’ll find an e Liquid reminiscent of your favorite coffeehouse drink. Choose from 11 delicious gourmet coffee vaping flavors.


Beverage Flavors


Enjoy the taste of a classic soda, an ice cold glass of lemonade, or a soothing green tea. Now you can indulge your senses with these refreshing beverages in your vape. Choose from 11 tantalizing and authentic drink and cocktail flavors.


E Cigar Flavors


Cigar aficionados marvel over the undeniably true cigar flavor of our e Liquids. Choose light, medium, or full bodied flavors to delight your palette. All of your senses awaken when vaping these cigar flavors, from the fine leaf taste, to the plumes of vapor, and enticing aroma.


VG Flavors

VG Only

All flavors in this category contain ONLY vegetable glycerin (VG). These 100% Vegetable Glycerin based e Juices provide huge vapor clouds with a minimal throat hit. We understand that due to allergies to propylene glycol (PG), some users may not be able to vape certain products. Because of this, we selected some of our top flavors to be created using VG only. We are determined to help you on your road to zero and offer these flavors specifically for you.


Vape Juice Flavor Info

Our vaping flavors are available in:

  • 7 nicotine strengths, ranging from 0 to 36mg of nicotine
  • Smooth (WOW) flavors
  • Bold (Premium) flavors
  • 30mL e Liquid bottles
  • 5-pack cartomizers

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality and best tasting vaping flavors in the industry. Product safety is extremely important to us, and we take great care in creating safe products. All of our e Liquids and e Cig cartomizers are produced in ISO 9001 facilities and are held to the highest manufacturing quality standards.

Our e Liquids contain only 4 ingredients:

  • Vapor producing agent propylene glycol
  • Vapor producing agent vegetable glycerin
  • Food-grade flavoring
  • Nicotine (optional)

Traditional tobacco cigarettes produce over 7,000 chemicals when smoked.


Nicotine is found naturally in tobacco. Although vaping e Liquid does not contain tobacco, it can have nicotine added to it. Nicotine strength is based on the amount of nicotine per milliliter. It is measured in milligrams (mg) or percentages.

The more cigarettes someone smokes, the more nicotine they use. Heavy smokers will be more satisfied by an e-Liquid with a higher amount of nicotine. Light smokers don’t need as much nicotine to have a pleasant vaping experience. We offer all of our vaping flavors in 7 nicotine strengths. Depending on your goals, you may want to start at a high level and work your way down to zero (no nicotine). Some vapers find the right strength for them and continue to use it throughout their vaping days. You might use different nicotine strengths depending on the flavor because nicotine does slightly affect the e Liquid taste. You might use a variety of nicotine strengths depending on your mood. When you first start vaping, you should try a few different strengths to see what you like best.

No Nicotine (0mg):  Non-smokers who would like to enjoy hookah.

4mg: Ultra light cigarette smokers (less than 1/2 pack per day)

8mg: Ultra light cigarette smokers (1/2 pack per day)

11mg: Light cigarette smokers (less than 1 pack per day)

18mg: Light cigarette smokers (1 pack per day)

24mg:  Heavy, full-flavored cigarette smokers (1½ packs per day)

36mg:  Heavy, full-flavored cigarette smokers (multiple packs per day)

Nicotine Strength

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