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Flue Cured Tobacco e Juice (30 mL)

Flue Cured Tobacco E Juice is a subtle pipe tobacco flavor with notes of tangy sweetness. Traditional flue cured tobacco is made with burley leaves sourced from tobacco farms in the sultry heat of rural North Carolina. Then, the tobacco leaves are cured in special barns to bring out a natural sugary flavor that's pleasant to the tongue. Tobacco cigarette smokers and longtime pipe smokers love our Flue Cured Tobacco E Juice because it tastes just like the real thing.

Full of sweet and tangy delight and pure tobacco flavor this e liquid flavor is sure to keep you smiling.

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  • Pretty good
    Review by Jen on 10/10/2016
    This is one is a pretty good flavor! If you like rich tobacco e-juice, then I would try this one as well. A fresh tobacco flavor that has a bold tobacco taste.
  • Nice Flavor
    Review by DB on 3/25/2016
    Good flavor. At first I didn't think it tasted much like tobacco, but a second vape reminded me of Pete Stokkebye's Navy Flake and Luxury Twist Flake tobaccos.
  • Good Flavor
    Review by sarah on 8/2/2015
    I enjoyed this flavor, it was sweet with a nontraditional taste of regular tobacco. The flavor did leave a taste hint of taste in my mouth however I did not find it to be displeasing. I enjoyed this flavor it seemed to go very well with rum.
  • Love it
    Review by Sean on 6/30/2015
    This is the most "tobaccoey" juice i've had in a long time, Just tastes like a straight up cig to me.... Mildly sweet but it has a nice dry background to it.
    5 stars from me
  • Flue Cured Tobacco WOW Vapor Juice (30ml)
    Review by Obeconobe on 8/28/2014
    This is one fantastic flavor! If you like the Richmond Tobacco e-juice, then I would try this one as well. A fresh tobacco flavor that is a bit bolder IMO than the Richmond Tobacco. More like a good cigar or pipe tobacco. I use it in the Dial-A-Volt w/ the Smilomizer and it is excellent!
  • Very good in the beginning
    Review by Nicholas on 7/3/2014
    My first impression of this juice was great. It had a very complex and sweet tobacco taste that was not like any other tobacco flavor I tried. The vapor production was above average as well. About halfway through the bottle I started noticing the flavor changing a bit. There seemed to be an odd aftertaste to it that I thought was my tank at first. After replacing the core, the aftertaste remained which leads me to believe that the liquid had steeped a bit to it's actual which was not as good unfortunately. Worth a try though for anyone who is willing.
  • Flue Cured update
    Review by Obeconobe on 4/26/2013
    After using a full bottle...
    A rich tobacco flavor reminiscent of Lancaster chewing tobacco.
    However, there is a down side. Unless the juice has been lightened in color, as this is a dark juice, it kills Smilomizers very quickly due to plugging in the center tube. Shame because it's a fantastic flavor like I stated in my earlier review.
    I initially rated it as a 5, but have to drop it to a 4 due to the above mentioned issue.
  • Super tobacco flavor
    Review by Stephen on 7/8/2018
    This one was a pleasant surprise, a nice super sweet flavor with a kick of tobacco to go with it! Very good!

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