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Forbidden Frozen Apple e Juice (30mL)

Regular Price: $19.99

Special Price $17.99

A tart bite of apple hits your tongue as you inhale this sweet e-juice, which is underscored with a cool menthol flavoring. Made with a 60/40 VG/PG ratio, this vape flavor creates a huge haze of smoke that will amaze the bravest of cloud lovers. Use with our mods and tanks for best results.

"It’s midnight, and Snow White tiptoes through a dark forest. The only light she sees is the moonlight sparkling on the bare, icy tree branches. Suddenly, light glints off a single red apple hanging just out of her reach. Go ahead, take a bite."

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  • true to the taste
    Review by Ram L on 3/30/2018
    Love this frozen apple. Smells great taste even better. Taste like a real apple. Delicious.
  • 5 stat
    Review by Ramon on 3/21/2018
    Whew love love love this, taste like the real thing. Best apple that ive tried. I recommend this if you are a fruitty lover, youll l9ve this and will hunger for more.
  • Apple!
    Review by Den on 9/8/2017
    I don't like sweet flavors. This one is a perfect blend of menthol and apple flavor. Sometimes I mix it with the Ultimo Arctic tobacco E-juice.
  • Need this again
    Review by Nick on 5/20/2017
    So good
  • Cool and Mellow Frozen Apple
    Review by jstewart335 on 12/8/2016
    A beautiful apple blend that i've never seen anywhere else. Really tastes like a frozen apple at low temp. At high temp tastes like a caramel apple. One of my all time faves.
  • Excellent light menthol
    Review by Joy on 9/13/2016
    Just the right mix of apple and menthol. Not so much menthol it ruins the nice apple taste! Love It!!
  • Nice Vape!!
    Review by SmokeyTheVapeBear on 2/19/2016
    This apple and menthol mixture is awesome! I like how you can get that blast of menthol without taking away from the apple taste. Will be buying again for sure!
  • Love this flavor!
    Review by Becca on 9/20/2018
    One of the best flavors! It's the perfect mix of sour with just a bit of candy apple. I got this one on a whim, and I'm so glad I did. Highly recommend it!
  • Mind Blowing
    Review by D on 9/2/2018
    This is the best i ever had. This will leave you speechless!!!!
  • Good flaver
    Review by Kimberly on 8/13/2018
    My 5rd most favorite flavor. I always keep a bottle in my arsenal of flavors. Defiantly give it a try.

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