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French Vanilla Ice Cream e Juice (30 mL)

Picture luscious, slowly churned vanilla bean ice cream that's been scooped into a crunchy waffle cone and topped off with an extra creamy finish. Since French Vanilla is a favorite among ice cream lovers, we made sure that our V4L flavor experts did it justice in this unbelievably rich, flavorful French Vanilla Ice Cream E Liquid. Sans calories. Sans guilt. Who wouldn't say 'oui' to this ice cream e juice?

If you're a fan of ice cream vape flavors, but prefer a high-VG e juice, we've got you covered with the triply delicious taste of our Napoleon's Fave, which is stacked with the creamy flavors of Neopolitan ice cream.

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  • Yum!!!
    Review by Gina and Thomas on 3/2/2018
    Great flavor! Well worth a try for those vanilla lovers !!!
  • Great juice
    Review by Kimberly on 12/15/2017
    A nice creamy vanilla flavor. Thumbs up!
  • Out of this world
    Review by Peggy on 7/13/2017
    I can't believe how yummy this is . I mix it with wow strawberry and i can't put it down . It is wonderful straight as well but i like to mix flavors up .
  • I like ice cream!
    Review by SpoonVape on 5/16/2017
    This is vanilla ice cream alright. My favorite flavor brought to vaping. How can I not give this 5 stars!!! Y'all rock!
  • good overall, needs a bit stronger flavor
    Review by Elliot on 8/22/2016
    This is a great e-juice to mix with others, but I found it to be a bit lacking in the overall flavor intensity department, so I don't use this as a stand-alone e-juice. Other than that, this delivers authentic, creamy vanilla flavor, so, good work, v4L!
  • Great dessert vape
    Review by Kit on 7/22/2016
    This juice is the perfect vape after dinner. It's hard to capture the taste of something like ice cream in e-juice, but these come very close. However, the taste is rather mild compared to some of V4L's newer flavors. Nonetheless, a great e-juice.
  • been using it for years
    Review by Ann on 11/30/2015
    I love the flavor, smooth, not too sweet to me and a great product to mix with other flavors that you may try or have that are a little too intense. Give it a shot !! Incidentally to newbies I have tried other companies and local shops for juice and Vapor 4 life juice keeps it's flavor longer than others I have tried by far.
  • ALL day vape!
    Review by Riskygirl on 11/30/2015
    I definitely prefer the premium in this juice...
    This is my trusty all day vape. I also use it with countless other juices to mix up for a zing or to to mix down something that is a little too strong. It accents almost any fruity or dessert juice!
    All that said, its one of my favorite "stand alone" juices. :)
    Oh and btw, it goes lovely with coffee or espresso as a cream... mmmm
  • I'm so addicted
    Review by Kellie on 6/24/2013
    I've a bottle of this w 4 mgs nicotine, and it's almost gone, so I'm here to buy another one. I love the premium FV carts as well. The funny thing is, when I first tried it, I didn't like it. Same with Red Energy, and now they're my two top flavors & pretty much all I want to vape. TRY THIS. YOU'LL LOVE IT!
  • One of my go to vapes!!
    Review by AmyLou on 2/19/2013
    This is my original favorite! Its so yummy. Perfect TH with a smooth vanilla taste. I always have 2 bottles stocked up. Daily use
  • A Plus
    Review by JC on 12/2/2012
    Tastes just like ice cream
  • Very Nice
    Review by LA on 10/8/2012
    At 18mg this provides a very nice throat hit and great vapor production. The flavor is on the lighter creamy side but if you concentrate hard enough you can taste the vanilla ice cream flavor. A nice change from pancake and waffle! I would think this could be added to fruit flavors for a smoothie taste or to coffee flavors for a creamy taste.
  • Super rich and creamy vanilla
    Review by Sid on 9/20/2012
    Tried the regular/coolcart version of this flavour first and was a bit underwhelmed...but after noticing all of the glowing reviews on this version I decided to give it another try, and this one is MUCH better! The better vape output makes it taste awesomely rich and creamy, and I can definitely taste the vanilla on this version. Has a taste somewhere between whipped-creme and ice cream which is really really nice. Perfect vanilla vape in my opinion.
  • "Pure Van Extract Cream!
    Review by TxTunesLady on 8/26/2012
    I agree with Jane, as this is very good, and I believe this will def. be my go to flavor. The 11mg gives it a nice TH not to strong and not to harsh. A bit gentle. But has a GREAT vap to it. If you're new to vaping this might be a nice ease into flavor IF you like Vanilla. It def. has the extract flavor, not overwhelming or strong at all. Gentle in flavor but SOOO Good!
  • Another A+ Flavor!
    Review by fitmom on 7/30/2012
    I got a sample when buying some more products from here about awhile ago, and decided to buy a whole bottle because this one just took my breath away. It does have a vanilla ice cream flavor..pretty much down to how it sounds. Yummy, cool, and GOOD vapor production! Very very happy with this one!
  • Mmm, mmm, mmm!
    Review by Jane on 6/19/2012
    My fave! I don't know how you make vapor taste so creamy but it is absolutely scrumptious.
  • Pretty darn good
    Review by William Beard on 8/17/2011
    this is one of the 2 ONLY eliquids I buy these days after having tried many many many types from a ton of places. A great product that I hope stays unchanged for a very long time.
  • A great taste
    Review by Jeffery Haynes on 7/2/2011
    This is one of my favorites. Tastes like creamy french vanilla ice cream. I will definitely be getting more of this.
  • Very Tasty
    Review by SammieAC on 6/22/2011
    Very smooth and definitely tasty. Love it!
  • What a Mixer!
    Review by Carol Ogden on 3/30/2011
    Bought this to try mixing with some of the fruity flavors like Cherry, Peach, etc. Works perfect for a smooth, creamy base to mix with other flavors. Go on, try it!
  • Mmm ...
    Review by Jane on 3/23/2011
    My favorite, any time of day. Smooth and deliciously creamy with a nice throat hit. I love this flavor so much I won't be trying others any more! : )
  • Not bad.
    Review by Rui Sousa on 3/5/2011
    I have tried a few vanilla flavors over time trying to find a good replacement. So far this one is fairly close but lacks a bit of strength in both flavor and throat hit. It definitely is what is advertised, a smooth creamy vanilla taste. Have a few carts on reserve with this juice but definitely not my first choice.
  • Vapor MONSTER
    Review by Carto buff on 2/16/2011
    I bought this vapor in 4mg and the vapor production is absolutely ridiculous. Flavor is a bit weird to me, but well worth it just for the plumes of vapor.
  • Delicious!
    Review by MELANIE on 11/8/2010
    My favorite flavor so far. It has become my all day vapor. Smooth vanilla taste with a great vapor production and superb throat hit. Best one hands down.
  • Good choice
    Review by Vinman on 10/14/2010
    It is similar to the wow vanilla, but it does taste a bit creamier. The regular vanilla is too sweet, and this is a good alternative. It's good to mix flavors with also.
  • I love it
    Review by Michael on 10/10/2010
    Creamy like ice cream but the 36 mg will scratch your throat so go 24mg or lower unless you like it strong. I like it the best because it's a flavor that can be enjoyed any time of the day.
  • Lovely
    Review by Tasha on 11/10/2017
    I'm more of a "sweets" vaper and I bought the vanilla one (which I loved) and decided to try this one. It doesn't seem as sweet as the regular vanilla, but it's good, nontheless.
  • Good but not my fav vanilla
    Review by Shana on 9/9/2016
    This is good but needs more vanilla. If you are looking for a really good flavor try WOW Premium Vanilla.
  • Just Okay
    Review by Brittany on 9/27/2015
    I tried a whole bunch of the dessert flavors in the store, but I'm just not that into them. Out of all of them, I liked this one the most, but after awhile it was just too sweet and too strong of a flavor. I am going to try mixing it with another flavor to see how that works. But I don't think I will buy again.
  • Just ok
    Review by Amanda on 1/15/2019
    I was really hoping for a sweet creamy vanilla flavor but found this juice to be very bland. Wasn’t at all what I was hoping for. The vanilla flavor is very faint, no creaminess and almost no sweetness.
  • Smooth and Creamy
    Review by John on 8/19/2016
    Almost as good as the ice cream

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