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Fried Cream Cake e Juice by FRYD

FRYD Liquids is famous for bottling the sugary satisfaction of just about any indulgent fried dessert you can imagine. When it comes to recreating the mouthwatering sensation of biting into a spongy cake filled with sugary cream, Cream Cake E-Liquid really takes the...prize. (Bet you thought we were going to say “cake.”) As you inhale this high-VG vape juice, the flavor of fluffy yellow snack cake mingles with a deep-fried exterior sprinkled with powdered sugar and envelops a generous dollop of cream at its center. Exhale slowly to taste the well-rounded flavor profile as the creamy notes and flavors of deep-fried perfection intensify. FRYD Cream Cake vape liquid is made with 70% VG and 30% PG, a combo that will serve cloud chasers well. The next time you want to indulge in a creamy yellow snack cake, reach for a bottle of FRYD Cream Cake instead!

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  • Yum
    Review by Peggy on 8/10/2017
    I am begging you to offer it in a higher nic level Please
  • HOW?!?!
    Review by Nicky on 5/10/2017
    THIS! This is insane. True to its word this is a fried twinkie. I love fried foods and especially love fried desserts. Couldn't be happier.
  • Need higher nic level
    Review by Peggy on 7/9/2017
    This tastes amazing but i need it in a higher nic level PLEASE

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