Fuul Charger for Juul


The Fuul Charger for Juul Vape devices rapidly charges your Juul vape pen in 30-40 minutes and features an LED light to show the battery level of your Fuul charger. The Fuul Charger is a great device for your desk or nightstand because it can sit flat on a surface while charging your Juul pen.

Fuul Charger for Juul Pens Information

The Fuul charger has a 900 mAh battery capacity and utilizes an LED light that shows how much battery capacity your Fuul Charger is at. It shows green for a full charge, blue for a half charge and red for a low battery. It conveniently charges using a Micro USB cable or lightning cable (iPhone cable).

  • Best desktop charger for JUUL
    Review by Jason O'Keef on 11/12/2018
    I just got this with my red JUUL and its awesome for my desktop!

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