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Grappleberry by Mr Salt-E Liquid

Regular Price: $19.99

Special Price $18.99

Imagine if a green apple, and a berry were walking down the street and they ran into each other and smashed into a delicious explosion with the head-on force of full fruit flavor. No fruits were harmed in the making of Mr. Salt-E Grappleberry, but the taste is just as intense. Neither of these flavors —the sweet and sour apple and the tart-sweet berry— takes over the others in this well-balanced blend. Since Mr. Salt-E is a nic salt e-juice, it’s best used with pod systems to get its full effect. Check out our pod mod systems like the Suorin Air or the Suorin Drop! Since Mr. Salt-E Grappleberry is a nic salt e-liquid, it’s easier to vape at higher nicotine levels, including 2.5 mg and 4.5 mg.

Get acquainted with Mr. Salt-E Grappleberry Nicotine Salt E-Juice today!

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