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Hazelnut Coffee e Juice (30 mL)

The sweet and buttery taste of warm, roasted hazelnuts softens up the bold blast of a dark roasted coffee blend to create a coffee e juice flavor that you'll reach for right when you wake up in the morning. This delicious all-day vape will give you an energizing jolt and have you up and running with the flavor of freshly ground coffee beans tinged with a touch of hazelnut. If you're a lover of all things coffee, our Hazelnut Coffee E Liquid is exactly what you need in your life.

Move over coffee shop, we have your new morning brew right here in e cigarette form!

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  • Great tasty flavor
    Review by vesna on 8/5/2018
    This is one of my favorites too. Love all the coffee and can’t go wrong with anyone I buy. Sometimes I have to order one of each
  • Nutty
    Review by Mark on 8/24/2017
    I'm not usually much of a coffee drinker, let alone hazelnut coffee, so the flavor was very reminiscent of hazelnut liquer to me, which is a strong but pleasant flavor that I enjoy. If that's your thing, I highly recommend this e juice flavor.
  • Glad I tried it
    Review by Chris on 5/14/2017
    I just recently tried this and although I am not a huge fan of hazelnut I did mix this with the mocha Vape and it was a pleasant and slightly sweet taste
  • Hell yea!
    Review by Don on 2/27/2017
    Get this!!!
  • Best flavor
    Review by Outstanding on 1/2/2017
    This is the best flavor I have ever used. It is true to taste and doesn't leave an after taste or nasty odor. I will purchase again!
  • Enjoying it very much.
    Review by Catherine on 9/14/2016
    Received it today and will definitely reorder.
  • Everyday vape
    Review by DWAYNE on 1/31/2014
    This is my everyday vape flavor. I've been vaping for only a couple of months but have not turned back too anolog cigerettes since, maybe mainly due to the taste I get with hazelnut coffee E-juice. I'm still searching for and would like to try more but for now this is it. The taste for me is very sutle but strong without being over bearing like a lot of the menthol flavored juices. I think the hazelnut flavor has a natural taste. Will being defintley buying more to keep in stock.
  • Similar to the rest of the Coffee flavors.
    Review by HateCoach on 12/16/2015
    Sadly, this isn't anything astounding. So far the only coffee flavor I enjoy is Java Junction. The hazelnut isn't as distinct as any of the other Wow coffee flavors. But iif you like the sweeter coffee Wow flavors they have like. this may be your thing. . Currently going to let it steep for a week or two and see if it makes any difference. For me, back to Java Junction
  • coffee...definitely
    Review by Emily on 5/22/2018
    was disappointed that i couldn't taste the hazelnut, the coffee flavor definitely over powers it.
  • Best flavor of hazelnut
    Review by Matt on 11/17/2018
    I've tried a lot of hazelnut coffee flavors and this is by far the best tasting one I've discovered yet.
  • Hoped it was sweeter
    Review by Peggy on 7/9/2017
    I like the flavor but was hoping it to be more sweet
  • Okay
    Review by NikkiNoodle1127 on 1/13/2017
    This was a different kind of coffee flavor, but I didn't think it tasted like hazelnut. My husband doesn't like hazelnut flavors but loved mixing this with his Dunwoody.
  • Not a fan
    Review by Pamela on 1/12/2017
    Tried this product and not the greatest flavor-generally don't enjoy hazelnut

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