I Love Watermelon Candy e Juice (60mL)

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Do you love candy? Do you love watermelon even more? Lucky for you there’s I Love Candy Watermelon E-Juice, a mouthwatering mashup of the juicy freshness of watermelon with the tempting taste of pure sugar. The pure fragrance of watermelon starts to tempt you from the moment you open up a 60 ml bottle of I Love Watermelon Candy. The flavor increases immediately after you take the first vape of this juice and it stays strong all the way through the exhale. This watermelon-rific e-liquid creates the perfect combo of clouds and flavor to appeal to any vaping style. Since I Love Candy Watermelon E-Juice is made with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, it stirs up dense clouds that smell super sweet too! Just try to resist taking another vape. For all the sweet goodness of watermelon hard candy and watermelon gummy treats without any of the guilt, pick up a bottle of I Love Watermelon Candy today!

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