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Eleaf iCare Solo Vape Kit

The Eleaf iCare Solo Vape Kit is a sleek, portable e Cigarette that is easy to use for beginners and advanced vapers alike. The iCare Solo e Cig Kit comes with:
- 1 Eleaf iCare Solo Vaporizer
- 2 IC 1.1 ohm replacement coils
- 1 USB Cable

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  • Eleaf iCare Solo Vape Kit
    Review by Julie on 10/9/2017
    OMGOSH! Just received my Eleaf iCare Solo Vape Kit and I LOVE IT! I have used a battery and small V2 Smileomizer for almost 5 years. I was worried that the new Eleaf icare solo would be different and not last as long! I was sooooo wrong! it holds 60 drops of Juice and so easy to fill!. no spinning the smileomizer after each fill! less items to carry around and tiny. I ordered the teal one so I could find it in my purse with ease! I am changing all over to the Eleaf icare Solo
  • Wonderful for People on the Go
    Review by Jared on 9/1/2017
    I love to go out and do things. Sadly, pockets can only hold so much, and if you are used to using a larger mod then you probably will run into issues with carrying all your stuff, and you will find yourself feeling like a pack mule.

    Fortunately, the iCare Solo is a perfect solution to this issue. I vape for the nicotine, not giant clouds. I find that these guys may not produce as much vapor as their bigger brethren, but their small size, ease of use, and low price make them the best choice when it comes to a mod. They are practically the same size as a bic lighter. The coils for this guy are a great deal too.

    The only downsides this mod has is that the battery and tank will run low quicker than a larger mod. Fortunately, if you are driving you can still charge the iCare Solo with any normal charging cable, and refills are rather easy.
  • Awesome
    Review by Kerry on 8/14/2017
    These smaller e-cigs or e-pens I guess they are, are cool little buggars--only downside is they don't hold much juice but easy to fill so not a prob...and they are so affordable--$20 for the whole kit? Amazing!

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