Iced Apple Mango Myle Mini Disposable Vape (2-Pack)


Mangoes are nowhere near the most popular fruit in America but mango inspired nic salts are almost certainly the most popular fruit flavored vape juice. The reason is simple. The distinct flavor of mango is sweet, refreshing and balanced with just enough tart to make for a great all day vape. But vapers are beginning to demand more than just plain mango and Myle Vapor delivers big-time. Juicy apples add sweetness and depth. An icy cold mint serves as a perfect counterbalance and makes the Iced Apple Mango Myle Mini an ideal disposable for fans of fruit vapes. This is a great Juul Mango Alternative.

Myle Mini Iced Apple Mango Information

Myle Mini Disposables are sold two to a box. Each Myle Mini has 1.2ml of nic salt ejuice, with a strength of 5 percent. This is good for 300 plus puffs and plenty of vaping enjoyment.


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