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Kanger UBoat Vape Kit


The Kanger UBoat Vape Kit includes the following:

- 1 Kanger U-Boat Vape Device
- 1 Kanger U-Boat Pod (Refillable)
- 1 USB Charging Cable

The Kanger UBoat is a refillable pod system with an automatic draw that activates when you inhale. The 2.0mL pod that comes with the UBoat Kit works best with e-Liquids that have close to a 50/50 VG/PG ratio.

Kanger UBoat Information

The Kanger UBoat Vape Pod device is a refillable vape pod device made and designed by top vape manufacturer Kangertech. The U-Boat's sleek design provides a unique, ergonomic mouthpiece pod that works well with 50% VG e-Liquids and nicotine salt juices.

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  • General Product Review
    Review by Jay on 8/10/2018
    Ok, so four vape pens of trial and error I finally found one that I like. I don't know why I didn't go with Kanger in the first place. Back in my early days of vaping with e-juice, my first sub ohm mod was a Kanger and that thing was awesome. I would eventually upgrade through the years and stayed with the kanger product line and had no issues. This vape pen is great. The pods are definitely a true 2 ml but I think it holds a little more. I went a hold day with out refilling until late morning the next day and I vape a lot. The battery lasts a lot longer than any of my previous vape pens. If you have read any of my other reviews this pod does not leak nic juice in your mouth which is, how do you say.... AWESOME! I highly recommend this vape pen if you are new to vaping Nic Salt or moving over from e-juice.
  • Interested
    Review by Sharman on 11/11/2018
    It looks very interesting and easy to use.
  • pulls mostly air
    Review by Mark on 1/21/2019
    i had high expectations for this device .. how ever after setting it up, and waiting a very long time for it to charge (over 30 mins) ..
    i found that it pulls mostly air, and hardly any vape .. doesn't matter if it's 50/50 ..

    i will use it ONLY as a back up, but that's where the charge comes in .. doesn't hold a charge .. after you use it (a couple of times),
    you have to charge it again .. for the size of the device you'd figure the charge would last most of the day .. it doesn't ..
    and the 'specialty' adapter (instead of usb) is a take away for portability ..

    also it spits in your mouth, so be some where, where you can spit .. not convenient ..

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