Kiwi Lemonade Sea Air Vape

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The Kiwi Lemonade Sea Air has an ejuice capacity unmatched in the disposable ecig market. Containing 2.6ml of 5 percent nic salt, it has twice the capacity of the regular Sea Stix disposable. Just as importantly, the Sea Air still retains the convenience, compact size and ease of use that has made disposable ecigs so popular. A card shaped disposable vape, the Sea Air has a similar form factor to a Suorin Air. Unlike a Suorin Air, it is loaded with ejuice and ready to be used right out of the box.

Kiwi Lemonade Sea Air Vape Flavor

The Kiwi Lemonade Sea Air provides a perfect example of the sort of sophisticated nic salt flavors that adult vapers prefer. The balanced flavor of lemonade is a great beverage ejuice in its own right. But it is the dash of sweet kiwi which adds a tropical flair and makes this an all-day vape. A refreshing and bold flavor, the Kiwi Lemonade Sea Air is one of the best disposable ecigs on the market today.


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