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Naked 100 Salt - Lava Flow Nic Salt e-Juice


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There’s no stopping the overwhelming rush of this flavor once it starts to bubble up to the surface. If you’ve tried Naked 100’s Lava Flow but you’ve yearned for a little more of a nicotine hit, you won’t be disappointed with Naked 100 Salt’s Lava Flow. This twist on the wildly popular tropical-inspired e-juice hops on the popularity of nicotine salt e-juices to bring you a blend that’s as delicious as it is effective.

Smooth waves of strawberry ripple in with generous sprinkles of coconut. Add a mouthwatering hunk of fresh pineapple and suddenly Lava Flow tastes just like a tropical drink on an all-inclusive cruise to Vape Island. If you are interested in purchasing the regular Lava Flow e-Liquid, we offer that as well.

Sample Naked 100 Salt’s Lava Flow for an exotic experience. Not to be used with sub-ohm devices.


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