Magic Man e Juice by One Hit Wonder (100 mL)

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Do you want to be mystified? Do you long to be enchanted? Do you look for the littlest bit of magic in everything? Then you’ll be astounded by the out-of-this world essence of Magic Man E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder. There’s no sleight-of-hand or illusion involved in this magic act, though. Instead, Magic Man is the result of ingenious flavor blending by One Hit Wonder’s masterful e-liquid artisans. The flavor mimics the best gummy bear you’ve ever sunken your teeth into, with heavy notes of watermelon to reflect the taste and texture of a juicy gummy bear.

Fruit lovers will find Magic Man E-Liquid to be an easy all-day vape, so it’s a good thing this juice comes in a colossal 100 ml bottle. Magic Man has a 80/20 VG/PG ratio, so you can veil yourself in enough clouds to do your own disappearing act when friends ask to taste your e-juice.

Dive into the world of Magic Man E-Juice today!

One Hit Wonder Magic Man e-Juice

The new Magic Man vape juice from One Hit Wonder is a fantastically fruity flavor that tingles your senses with hints of watermelon, and other candy fruit flavors. Expect to get a different taste of fruit in every puff with this "Magic" eJuice flavor.

  • Great Juice
    Review by Holly on 1/12/2018
    I have a new favorite this is a great juice lots of flavor sweet and fruity lots of watermelon!
    Great clouds. I have one complaint my big bottle came with no squeeze top? It was a pain to get the juice out and into my tank or smaller bottles.
    For that I give it 4 stars I am wasting juice trying to get into my tank with another dropper I had. Otherwise 5 stars on taste and vapor!

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