Menthol Disposable Vape

Think about your favorite brand of menthol cigarettes. Now imagine them without any unpleasant smell or ash and you’ve got the Vapor4Life Menthol E-Cig. Most of the staff here are former smokers and our founder, Steve Milin, used to go through five packs of menthol smokes a day, so we ​know ​what smokers are going through when they’re trying to find a disposable menthol e-cigarette that works for them.

Our original disposable menthol vapes were Steve’s brainchild and he says he still puffs on them to this day when he’s stuck in traffic or in a crummy mood. The 3.6% nicotine content in these revamped e-cigs does the trick for smokers who have just quit too.

Try a distinctive, true-to-taste disposable menthol electronic cigarette that’s so close to the real thing that you might even try to ash it!

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Disposable Vape 10-Pack

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  • Convenient!
    Review by Beth on 1/11/2018
    Received a sample one with an order and enjoyed it.

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