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Milk N Honey e Juice by Cosmic Fog (60mL)

Regular Price: $21.99

Special Price $19.99

Equal parts heavenly and sinful, Milk and Honey E-Juice is an all-day vape juice that you’re really going to want to have a lot of. Thank goodness Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey comes in a 60 ml bottle to bring you twice as much milk, twice as much honey, and twice as much e-juice. This massive bottle gives you the same fierce fog and flavor as our 30 ml bottles of Milk and Honey; there’s just so much more to go around.

Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey tastes like a thick drizzle of pure honey blended into a tall, ice cold glass of whole milk. The flavors complement each other well on the inhale and the fragrant aftertaste hangs on your tongue like a sweet drop of pure honey as you reluctantly exhale. Customers can save money by buying Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey in the 60 ml bottle because you get double the amount for less than double the price. #mathstuff
Stock up on Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey E-Liquid today!

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