Peppermint Disposable Vape

After nearly a decade in business, we still have the same #1 selling e-cig we had when we started out: the wildly popular disposable peppermint e-cigarette. Most of our customers say it’s the cool, crisp peppermint flavor that keeps them coming back. Others say it’s got a lot to do with how much our peppermint disposables are like analog cigarettes.

Smokers love vaping the wintry peppermint flavor year-round and enjoy the convenience of just puffing on a hands-free vape. Our recent redesign of the disposable peppermint vapes kept the beloved flavor and the soft and chewable filter. We also upped the nicotine strength to 3.6% mg and improved the throat hit.

Smokers and vapers beware, though. Once you try a disposable peppermint electronic cig from Vapor4Life, you won’t want to vape anything else.

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