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Mint Ziip Pods (Juul Compatible)

Regular Price: $12.99

Special Price $10.99

It’s hard to perfect a mint vape flavor, but Ziip Pods has hit the mark with its Mint Vape Pods. These pods, which are compatible with JUUL devices, give you a rush of pure mint that isn’t too icy or overwhelming.

Vapor4Life sells Ziip’s Mint Vape Pods in two nicotine levels to offer vapers more options. The 5% nicotine strength is geared toward smokers, but offers a nice change of pace for vapers who crave the occasional hit of stronger nicotine. There’s also a 3.0% nicotine option that’s the ideal middle ground for someone who wants slightly less nicotine, and a 1.8% nicotine option for vapers looking for lower nicotine and but still need a decent nic hit.

For vape pods that bring you the perfect combo of vapor, nicotine, and magical mint flavor, buy a package of Mint Vape Pods by Ziip Pods today.

Mint Ziip Pods

JUUL® does not manufacture, sponsor, endorse, or approve this product, and JUUL® has not certified this product to be compatible. The JUUL® trademark is owned and registered by JUUL Lab, Inc.

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  • Excellent!
    Review by Laura on 8/7/2018
    Great flavor, better than Juul. They have different nicotine levels and taste nice.
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    Review by Karen on 8/7/2018
    Very fresh flavor and perfect fit.
  • Ziip Mint
    Review by John Ritz on 7/12/2018
    Fantastic product! These pods are inexpensive, well made, and taste great. A great alternative to the brand name.
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    Not as sweet as the Juul mint pods, but when in a bind- these pods will do, especially for the price!

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