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Vapor Titan eCig Battery

Get great battery life and a powerful puff with this soft-touch Vapor Titan eCig Battery from Vapor4Life. These rechargeable Vapor Titan e-Cig batteries have updated battery cells and have a longer battery life than our Classic Vapor Titan e-Cig batteries.
  • Available in auto or manual
  • All Vapor Titan batteries are compatible with Vapor4Life Premium CoolCart cartomizers, WOW Vapor King cartomizers, and dual coil tanks

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    • Wish they kept the variety
      Review by Lmas on 8/4/2018
      Love these batteries, have been using them for years. Got many of my friends and most of my family to quit smoking after switching to these. When making our annual order I am very disappointed to see there aren't the variety that we are used to. Will have to shop around again. Hope I can find another vender.
    • Best for work
      Review by John on 4/8/2018
      I use these every single day for work. 10 hours each day. I usually go through 2 batteries a day working 10 hours. But I constantly vape. Batteries last 4-6 months each before I have to replace them. That's awesome considering I literally vape every 5 minutes or so.
    • Great Upgrade From Kings
      Review by Bee on 3/18/2018
      I ordered 2 manuals when the king batteries were out of stock for a long while, and am so pleased I ordered two more and I think I'll stick with them as my new normal. They seem to hold a charge longer and they don't take long at all to charge via USB. They're easy to carry, and 2 fully charged will last me an evening out with friends!

      I haven't killed one yet by over-charging, but I'm sure that will happen eventually! Be sure not to leave any battery plugged in after it's done charging!

    • usually very good
      Review by Pam on 3/26/2018
      Sometimes get one that won't work but customer service is always happy to replace
    • titan battery
      Review by carol on 7/8/2018
      ordered black. very attractive. shipping was extremely fast.
    • Battery
      Review by thomas on 4/25/2018
      These batteries are great. Had mine for approximately 2 1/2 years and it still takes and holds its charge and it lasts through out my work day.
    • Miss the XL length
      Review by Pamela on 5/9/2018
      While this is a good battery in terms of a lasting charge, I really miss the option of the XL length. Having always smoked long cigarettes, the long length of the XL battery made it easier for me when I switched from cigarettes to e-cigs (in terms of 'feel'). Would love to see the XL offered again.
    • Pros & Cons
      Review by Tonya on 8/26/2018
      Pros: lightweight. Diameter matches Cool and Wow carts. Nice soft matte finish is comfortable, non-slip and doesn’t show fingerprints.
      Cons: I’ve found the white finish is transparent and splotchy in spots. No pass through capability. I can’t get past the beacon of a light at the bottom. It’s really obnoxious.
      Suggestions: make a stealth version in black. Offer more color choices.
    • so-so
      Review by MsDeb on 5/10/2018
      Very disappointed the XL's are not available. After reading reviews I thought these would be OK but still having a difficult time adjusting. And for some reason, these just don't seem as powerful as my older Titan batteries (feels like I need to inhale stronger while producing less vape) using the same cartridges and ejuice. One of them feels like I'm sucking air. On the pro side, they are quick to charge and still love the crystal tip. I love V4L and couldn't imagine vaping anything else, but without the XL and color choices I might have to shop around :(
    • No more XL?
      Review by CC on 4/3/2018
      I've been using vapor titan XL for over 6 years, not imagining that you'd phase them out.

      I'm so disappointed. I can't imagine the shorties being as easy or elegant. And worse, no colors!

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