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Beard Vape Co #64 E-Juice

The top-notch No. 64 from Beard Vape Co. has such an intricate flavor profile that it calls to mind a craft cocktail ordered from an upscale bar. Made with a tart base of raspberry and softened by the exotic essence of hibiscus flower, this e juice is fit for a vaping connoisseur of the highest regard. The complex dance of delicate tastes makes No. 64 one of the most unique e liquids you can buy online. It’s a nice change of pace if you like to vape fruit flavors, but want something that takes a leap out of the ordinary. Add an upscale accent to your e juice selection with the fragrant hibiscus and raspberry cocktail of No. 64.
No. 64 is slightly heavier on the vegetable glycerin, since the VG/PG ratio is 60/40. We recommend vaping it with your favorite mod to get the most out of your flavor and vapor production. Once you find the nicotine level that works with your routine, you can try all of the flavors from Beard Vape Co. that we carry at Vapor4Life.
  • My special fav
    Review by No shirt on 1/24/2018
    This blend is one of my favorites. It’s notes of berry and subtle back draw is hibiscus is soft but lasting on the pallet. The smoke cloud was heavy. I’d recommend this juice to use as an all day event!!!
  • Not so bad and not so good
    Review by John on 5/25/2017
    IT depends on your taste. But I would still buy this.
  • Different kind of taste
    Review by James on 11/2/2016
    So I really like all the fruity e-juice I have tried, especially through Beard Vape Co and Cosmic Fog. I was really hesitant at first because of the "hibiscus flower" that's in it. Didn't even know they had flavors with flowers in it until I googled what they taste like and found some other really crazy lavender mixes out there. With me trying this for the first time I did like the tart taste of the raspberries (tastes like blueberries are also in it and the image has blackberries in it so I am a little confused on what berry flavor it is, but its good) and the hibiscus flower is ok, not the greatest flavor. I give this a 4 out of 5 due to the fact that I have never tasted a flower infused e-juice, maybe its the best one out there but i will never know because I will not order another flower flavor in the future. Just stick with what I like and thats the really sweet fruits.

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