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Beard Vape Co #71 E-Juice

Beard Vape Co. likes to craft vape flavors that go beyond your normal expectations. That’s definitely the case with No. 71, an e juice that puts a playful spin on peaches and cream. The e liquid expertise is apparent with each and every vape of this flavor, which intensifies the sweet and sour sensation of a peach and adds a heavy coating of sweet cream. Vapers who are big fans of fruit and cream flavors won’t be able to put down Beard Vape Co. No. 71 after they try it. It’s that irresistible. Don’t believe us? We dare you to buy a bottle today and just try to stop vaping it.

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No. 71 continues Beard Vape Co.’s streak of whipping up high-VG vape flavors that offer a little something special. You’ll relish the chance to fill up your tank with No. 71 or drip the juice right onto your coils for a swath of clouds that taste as good as they smell.
  • Beard #71
    Review by Kraig on 3/22/2018
    This was a great all day vape...went with my coffee in the AM also as a late night snack when I want something sweet!!
  • This one is great for my sweet tooth
    Review by Kimberly on 3/1/2018
    A high quality juice that satisfies my cravings for sweets. There is a definite peach flavor, which I enjoy.
  • good for dessert time!
    Review by Calamity Jane on 9/15/2017
    Sweet and sour, not something I can vary all day but yummy nonetheless :)
  • Luvingitttt!!!
    Review by Selena on 2/26/2017
    This is such a sweet tooth!!!
  • The best Peach
    Review by Kenneth on 11/12/2016
    It beat out Mango as my favorite fruit. It's the best Peach, and my favorite fruit. Clean, easy to inhale, satisfying, and no question full peach flavor.
  • Peach Flavor To The MAXXX!!!!
    Review by TheGreatAndPowerfulOG on 11/3/2016
    This flavor pops and leaves huge clouds.
  • Candy Peach Rings
    Review by MrVapeTastic on 10/13/2016
    This vape is 150% spot on with these sweet little candies I get at the store. It has that very potent peach taste with a little bit of sweet sugar that you try to scrap out of the bottom of the candy bag when you finished eating all the rings, lol. Really dont taste any cream flavor in it however...

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