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Beard Vape Co #24 E-Juice (60mL Bottle)

Regular Price: $24.99

Special Price $22.99

There’s so much sugary goodness in Beard Vape Co. No. 24 that a 30 ml bottle can barely contain it. Enter Beard Vape Co. No. 24 in a 60 ml bottle. For those vapers who can’t get enough of the intense taste of a malted vanilla shake dripping with salted caramel, this 60 ml bottle keeps you well-stocked. Housed in a large glass bottle with the iconic Beard Vape Co. logo, this max-VG e-liquid just keeps going and going. You get twice the e-liquid for less than the price of two 30 ml bottles. Now, this is the kind of math we love.

Save some cash by getting a 60 ml bottle of No. 24 by Beard Vape Co. today.
The top-selling Salted Caramel Malt flavor from California craft e-Juice company, Beard Vape Co, is now available in 60mL bottles for a great price!
  • So delicious!
    Review by EvaJ on 7/30/2017
    It's an insanely delicious flavor. My problem with it /or the brand, not sure/ is that it is so thick, that it actually takes much more effort to pull on it. But when you do it, every puff is so worth it.
  • Bought 30ml cause I wasnt sure if I was goona like it....
    Review by MaxClouds on 1/31/2017
    Yeah after I got this flavor I vaped a whole 30ml in a week, not cause it burns fast but I cant put it down! Buying 2 of these and hope it lasts at least a month...still cheaper than cigs by far.

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