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Orange Juice e Cig Cartridges

Regular Price: $10.99

Special Price $6.99

This citrus vape flavor will fill your mouth with the zest of freshly squeezed OJ.
We can’t promise a full day’s supply of Vitamin C in a cartomizer, but we can promise the sweet, citrus flavor of freshly squeezed OJ. Our Premium Orange Juice Vapor King Cartomizers have all the flavor of orchard-fresh, sun-ripened Florida oranges. It's an instant favorite among our e Cigarette vapor cartomizers. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.
  • Fantastic!
    Review by Susan on 1/28/2013
    I was so curious about this flavor and decided to order it. I found it really refreshing and I love the slight orange flavor. A definite winner!!!
  • Tasty vape
    Review by Elle on 1/12/2013
    This is one of my favorites. True OJ taste, not too sweet--kind of tart, very pleasant. I found the vapor production to be pretty good for a coolcart. Well worth a try.
  • one of the best
    Review by Boss Awesome on 7/31/2012
    This is one of my favorite flavors, a bit tart like kids chewable vitamins or Tang, but I love that stuff.
  • One of my favorites
    Review by Rob on 7/5/2012
    Been using ecigs for years now, and this is one of my favorite two flavors. I have tried many. Has a nice orange juice flavor, but not sweet or syrupy like many of the beverages. Just a hint of flavor, good vape and throat hit.
  • Mild, Smooth, Refreshing
    Review by VaporDrayk on 6/19/2012
    Vapor Production = 3 Stars
    Flavor = 3
    TH = 2
    This is not my go to vape, but it really tastes like Orange Juice. I am ok with the low vapor production if the flavor was more pronounced. When you really get the flavor it crisp and refreshing like orange juice over crushed ice on a summer day but it spends too much time hiding.
  • Pleasantly surprised
    Review by Chad Welty on 5/13/2011
    I received this as a freebie with my order. I have to agree with the person who said it tastes like Tang! More to the point it has the bitter-sweet bite on the tongue like Tang.
  • Remember Tang?
    Review by Susan M on 3/15/2011
    I got a cart of this as a free sample in my last order. With no expectations and mostly just for ha ha's I tried it and was very pleasantly surprised! It absolutely tastes of orange, but after a bit I realized it tasted almost like Tang! That was a blast from the past. Very nice flavor and good vapor - I will be buying these.
  • Orange juice
    Review by TexasRain104 on 5/8/2010
    Ok, if your searching for a Orange, this is not it. It is true orange juice! Orange juice where water was added to make it Orange juice not an Orange. When I tried it, I thought I had a glass in my hand drinking Orange juice. If your looking for a Orange, not it. If your looking for Orange juice, this is the one!
  • Decent
    Review by Derree Brooks on 3/18/2010
    It had an orange taste but I don't think it is quite what it could be. I doubt I will order it again.
  • It is Orange
    Review by Matthew Robertson on 3/1/2010
    Tastes like an orange, no sugar, no games... like an orange. Bought the 36mg for a one-hit-quit while at work, and it still tastes phenominal and still maintains smoothness.
  • Orangey
    Review by Abby on 2/1/2010
    I tried this in 4mg strength on my auto passthru. It's not too sweet, definitely orange. For 4mg, I think it has a decent throat hit and good vapor.
  • Orange Juice (8mg)
    Review by m1273c on 12/29/2009
    Tastes exactly like an Orange Popsicle!
  • One of my favorites!
    Review by Laurie Anderson on 12/29/2009
    It's not too sweet but very flavorful!
  • Good match
    Review by rocks82 on 11/11/2009
    It really is very much like a glass of OJ. Very tasty vape!
  • not what i expected
    Review by cobalt on 6/19/2017
    Some of the reviews said this tasted just like orange juice ..I fail to even taste a little bit of orange. To me it does not taste like orange juice at all. The taste is not bad though. I was a little disappointed I really wanted to taste orange...

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