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Orange Mango Pineapple ViV Pods


Smoooooooth mango joins forces with invigorating orange and sweet pineapple to make a delicious vape pod that fits right into Juul devices to give you 1 ml of yummy nicotine salt eliquid. Orange Mango Pineapple Juul-Compatible ViV Pods deliver a powerful throat hit and a strong jolt of nicotine due to their 50 mg nic content. This, combined with the irresistible flavor of orange, mango, and pineapple makes for the perfect vape. Indulge in some Orange Mango Pineapple ViV Vape Pods today and unlock a new world of vaping.

Orange Mango Pineapple ViV Pods

JUUL® does not manufacture, sponsor, endorse, or approve this product, and JUUL® has not certified this product to be compatible. The JUUL® trademark is owned and registered by JUUL Lab, Inc.

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  • Good
    Review by Suzi on 11/17/2018
    Like it alot! Satisfying taste
  • Nice
    Review by Sydney on 10/25/2018
    Not my favorite flavor, but i do like how they hit, almost like a Juul pod. i also noticed that with the ViV pods you have to take it off of the Juul for the bubbles to float up or it’ll taste burnt. overall, i’m pretty satisfied.
    Review by maxim on 9/13/2018
    This is a great option for people like me that love the mango juul pods, it gives you a more tropical sense and the pineapple seems to give a little more throat kick. All together I really like this flavor!
  • Great flavor
    Review by Brian on 11/17/2018
    Would recommend over the regular JuUl mango pods
  • Dessert vape!
    Review by Kristen on 11/14/2018
    Another sweet Vape, perfect for satisfying that sweet tooth in my opinion.
  • Love these pods
    Review by Keith on 10/28/2018
    these pods rock amazing taste and they don't leak

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