Orange Soda Sea Air Vape


Much like Dewy Blow Stix and Fire Bull Blow Stix, there is a scintillating pop in each inhale and each inhale is packed with all of the familiar flavor tones you would expect in a refreshing orange soda. The sweetness and tart is citrusy, making this a balanced vape that can be enjoyed all day. The 2.6ml Sea Air Disposable. has a nic strength of 5 percent and a 450mAh battery. This jumbo sized disposable delivers plenty of vaping satisfaction.

Orange Soda Sea Air Disposable Vape Information

The Sea Air Disposable is available in the popular nic salt flavors that adult vapers prefer but Sea Vapes has a weapon in their quiver that you won’t find anywhere else: Orange Soda. Why doesn’t every disposable maker have at least one flavor inspired by a carbonated beverage? So much untapped potential.

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