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Outlaw Blend e Juice (30 mL)

Some smokers crave a strong tobacco e juice flavor that gives you the powerful throat hit and unadulterated taste of a freshly rolled unfiltered cigarette. Crafted by our owner, Steve Milin, a former smoker who went through five packs a day before he discovered e cigarettes, Outlaw Blend Tobacco E Juice hits all the senses needed to satisfy even the most serious tobacco user. Unfiltered tobacco lovers, you will feel right at home with this revolutionary e liquid. A strong tobacco aroma will flood your senses from the moment you first open this e cigarette liquid to the pleasant first inhale on your vapor cigarette.

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  • Good stuff...
    Review by Wayne on 11/28/2014
    I really have come to like Outlaw Blend. I make sure that I keep some in my stock so I don't run out. To me, Outlaw tastes more like an analog cig than any other non-menthol tobacco flavor. I do like some of the other flavors a lot too though.

    Like the other reviewers said, it's hard to describe exactly what Outlaw tastes like. It's kind of bland...except it isn't. It's a bit strong & a little harsh...except it isn't. It DOES have a very "smoky" taste, a lot like an unfiltered cigarette.

    Whatever it tastes like, I'm "Lucky" to have found V4L's Outlaw Blend. It may not have quite as much pizzaz as the other flavors which I also like, but when I want to re-live the true smoking experience (which is often) I turn to the Outlaw Blend. It always hits the spot!
  • Yummy
    Review by Mister Pops on 1/23/2015
    I've tried most of the tobacco flavours and found the Outlaw Blend to be most satisfying. 18mg was a tad light for me, but the complexity of the tobacco flavours were great. Robust without being harsh, different spice notes kept the tastebuds intrigued. An all day vape for me.
  • Awesome e-juice for combination
    Review by Steve on 11/21/2016
    Wow Outlaw blend is an awesome e-juice that I use to combine it with Wowboy, Wow Smilin Tobacco & Premium Smilin Special Menthol Nobacco Juice to create the ultimate & most satisfying e-juice blend that tastes better then any analog period!
  • Very good Blend
    Review by kevin on 9/16/2016
    Loving the clean taste of the outlaw tobacco. Will order again.
  • The only tobacco flavor that makes sense to me
    Review by kevin on 8/29/2016
    I am not the desert fruity whatsoever vaping guy. I like real flavors. After trying many many different tobacco flavors I found this one and its a winner
  • Initial Impression
    Review by Levasseur on 1/22/2016
    Just loaded a 6ml. tank with fresh 1.5ohm cartridge with new bottle of 11mg Outlaw on a freshly charged extra length titan battery. Good throat hit and vapor. Slight woody taste. I like it, but not sure I'll vape it all day. Not too cigarish, and good tobacco taste.
  • OK Mild Tobacco Flavor
    Review by Nicholas on 8/1/2015
    This juice has a very mild tobacco taste that is nothing like Aces & 8's or Gunslinger as it was advertised, in my opinion. It has a very slight sweet undertone but not sickening sweet. The vapor production is fantastic which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 3. It also seems to play nice with the tanks and a low resistance core which is a plus.
  • Very Good Initial Impression
    Review by Levasseur on 7/2/2015
    Just tried it at 11mg. strength in a 6ml. tank with fresh 1.5 ohm cartridge and newly charged extra long titan batt. Very good throat hit and vapor. Has a slight wood taste to it, but still good tobacco taste. I like it alot, but it's not going to be my all day vape. Will be very good with a cocktail or brandy.
  • love it!!!
    Review by James on 7/30/2013
    this new wow juice is like a robust tobacco with some serious bite as well as kick to it!! if you want a harsh tt with some serious bite to it then this is the juice u want!! i can't vape it all day but might i say i like it with a dual coil cart on it!!

  • Great
    Review by Favorite on 6/1/2013
    This is my favorite that order all the time. The taste is unique and actually the only flavor I don't get tired of.
  • Different
    Review by JR on 2/15/2014
    This one is hard to describe. It's strong, as they say. Just a hard flavor to describe. Not a favorite or a go to. But will use it when I'm out if my favorites.
  • On the fence
    Review by Jan on 11/1/2014
    This one was just ok. Can't even describe what I'm tasting, not a bad taste, just can't put my finger on what it is or how to describe it.
  • Great e-juice for MTL vapers
    Review by Theodosios on 12/2/2018
    By far the most strongest tobacco flavored e-juice that v4l carries No sweetness, menthol/mint or chocolate...........just a pure hardcore tobacco e-liquid!!
  • I don't know
    Review by Roger on 11/25/2014
    Like the other review's said the flavor is hard to discribe. Good TH
  • Juice.
    Review by Andrew on 1/20/2019
    Great product.
  • good
    Review by thatguy on 12/19/2013
    12 mg you will cough your loungs out if you use a proper vape so wouldnt suggest if you have a strong vape

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