Peach Breeze e Juice (30 mL)

A juicy Georgia peach has found its soulmate in the form of cool menthol, creating a deliciously unique pairing. This complex vape flavor does not have the usual tobacco undertones, so it's an excellent choice if you've moved on from tobacco e liquids, but still prefer a distinctly menthol flavor profile. This spot-on menthol peach e juice has a pleasant menthol bite to it, but it doesn't overpower the sweetness of the peach flavor.

The peach and menthol e-liquids are equal in strength, and the e juice flavor contains no tobacco-like flavoring, so there's nothing to distract your from this perfect fruit and menthol mashup.
  • Fruity
    Review by Rachel on 1/15/2018
    Love this juice perfect for anyone who likes fruit juice with an after taste of a cool breeze.
  • My favorite!
    Review by Eva on 10/3/2017
    I've kind of gotten obsessed with the wow juices, but this one is my all time favorite! It tastes amazing and it's really impossible to get tired of it. Whatever else I try, I always find my way back to this one.
  • My personal stand-by
    Review by Kyle on 8/8/2017
    I absolutely love Peach Breeze. It's got the perfect balance of fruit and mint - and makes for an excellent mixer with other flavors (and is fantastic on it's own, too). Great hit, nice clouds and an excellent aftertaste. You can't go wrong with this one!
  • Great flavor for summer
    Review by Pamela on 7/2/2017
    Peaches are wonderful reminders its summertime.
  • My Favorite
    Review by Elizabeth on 5/24/2017
    Peach Breeze is my go to e Juice. I love the peach flavor, and the strong hit of menthol on the back of your throat. I find that the WOW flavor works best in my Smileomizer. The bottle at 36mg usually lasts me a month, and I previously smoked a pack and a half a day. If you are a menthol smoker, and like fruit flavors, this one is perfect for you.
  • Love this flavor
    Review by Chris on 7/29/2016
    If you like menthol and fruit, any of the breeze flavors are great. A great mix of menthol and peach flavor tastes really good
  • Delightful
    Review by Delightful on 11/20/2015
    I have pretty much always been a menthol smoker, but I decided to try this flavor on a whim and I am so glad I did. It is one of my favorite flavors so far, if not my most favorite. It has a nice subtle peach flavor to it. Others have said that they can taste the menthol in it, or that it has a "cool" finish, however, as a main menthol smoker, I find it hard to taste much, if any, menthol in this flavor, but that might just be me. Suffice to say, this will be on my list of flavors to order on a regular basis now.
  • Love it!
    Review by Michelle on 10/29/2015
    I actually did not like this at first. It had a perfumey or odd taste. After steeping though I love this juice. It has a great peach flavor and a nice throat hit. A daily vape for me!
  • Fantastic
    Review by Jeffery on 2/12/2015
    This is a great vape. This has just the right blend of peach and menthol. It is one of my new favorites
  • Enjoyed Immensely
    Review by Sharinski on 1/28/2015
    Just started vaping in Aug 2013 and started with just menthol - I am now trying all kinds of flavors and Peach Breeze has ranked as highest on my list :) Thank you!!
  • A Really Good Vape
    Review by Jeffery on 11/2/2014
    This is the perfect blend of peach and menthol. It has a great peach flavor with just enough menthol to give a good throat hit.
  • WOW I'm in love
    Review by Serena F on 5/4/2014
    I would rate this a 10 if I could. Regular old Peach was my go to, to mix with Kamel. I tried this on a whim along with RYtwist. Holy geez, I love this one. It's the usual true to a peach flavor I was used to, but has a nice cool feeling in my throat on the exhale. It's not alot of menthol. Just a "breezy" after effect. Like when you buy frozen peaches from the store to make a pie, but sneak a few before they thaw. Not doused in sweetness. Just refreshing like a peach smoothie! I love it! I vaped the whole bottle in 2 days! Awesome throat hit and good amount of vapor. It's amazing with Kamel if you want some tobacco flavor and a stronger throat hit, or all by itself. I think this has replaced regular Peach (atleast for the time being) as my everyday vape. Order this one now!
  • good but missing something
    Review by Charles on 2/19/2014
    The peach is a nice flavor, but I think you should give it more of a menthol taste.....I don't know if my batch was good or not but for me it tasted like peach....nothing more, but still it was good :)
  • Spot on Peach
    Review by Mbottema on 9/13/2013
    Peach Breeze has just enough peach for any fruit lover without being to peachy. I usually take fruit flavors out with me when I have a drink with friends, they love the smell of my vapor and peach is always a big hit.
  • Interesting combination
    Review by ERRN22 on 4/4/2013
    I like peach flavors and decided to see how this would taste. It's not too bad! The combination is hard to explain, but the mint gives the peach an interesting kick. The flavor is refreshing. This flavor may not be for everyone, but if you like peach and mint flavors alone, give it a try!
  • My fav
    Review by D on 9/2/2018
    Love the taste of peach
  • Pretty good
    Review by TC on 3/21/2018
    A very good alternative if you don't want straight menthol. Has a hint of peach and very good.
  • Oh no!
    Review by roh echt on 12/10/2015
    Uh Not a fan of menthol and this, of course for me, finishes way too cool. The peach is good and it puts off that aroma, but that menthol hit at the end wipes away any previous enjoyment. I can use this up, but only by adding a drop or two to others so not to have such a strong and cool hit. I still gave it a three because I'm not a fan of menthol, and it's not so much menthol or any flavor of mint, it's just a aftertaste. I prefer something warmer.

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