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Peach Tobacco e Juice (30 mL)


Mouthwatering peach softens the robust rush of mild tobacco in this fruity twist on a traditional tobacco vape flavor. Peach Tobacco E Juice perfectly balances the delicately dulcet tones of our peach e liquid with a true tobacco taste that appeals to smokers and vapers alike. The richness of this flavor is reminiscent of a fine hookah tobacco, with a refreshing fruit kick that perfectly complements the authentic tobacco bite.

Peach Tobacco Vape Juice

Fruit and tobacco lovers will enjoy this tasty Vapor4Life e liquid flavor, as will fans of shisha flavored vape juice, e-hookahs and fruit flavored cigars. Add a little bit of our menthol e juice to give Peach Tobacco the added pleasure of an eye-opening tingle that will have you coming back for more. Fill your Smileomizer or vape tank with Peach Tobacco E Juice for an all-day vape that won't disappoint.

  • Great Flavor TO Get Away From Tobacco Flavors
    Review by MattVogue on 5/26/2016
    I really liked this juice because it helps get away from those tobacco flavors. Now after about 3 months of using this flavor im completely done with the traditional tobacco. T.T. is still a great flavor but I found that I still had that cig taste in my mouth when vaping it. I used this and now im doing the peach cobbler and the might try that newer blueberry peach mix you guys have. Love V4L hope you guys are still around after all this FDA crap is over!!!
  • Another good one
    Review by richard on 2/18/2018
    This is awesome. Love the peach flavor along with the tobacco taste.
  • Not Bad
    Review by Jennifer on 7/30/2016
    I use to love peach cigars. This is just like a peach cigar. I got it as a gift, I used it but I love the fruity ones better, but if you like peach cigars this one is for you.
  • Sweet
    Review by Kimberly on 7/21/2016
    Great flavor. Not to sweet, but you can taste the peach. It adds a nice change to regular tobacco taste.
  • Sooo Good!
    Review by Smokin' Kim on 7/21/2016
    I love this flavor because it has the perfect mix of peach and tobacco. It really tastes great when you mix it with Peach Cobbler!
  • Oh yes!
    Review by Rebecca on 11/28/2014
    Peach isn't an eliquid flavor that I would be attracted to. I forgot if a friend gave me some or if it came part of a sampler pack-but wow! I'm hooked. It's sweet and pleasant. It's a nice break for when I need something other than a menthol. I was surprised at how tasty it was. It also blends real well with Vanilla Nobacco and Hilton juices.
  • My first order from V4L
    Review by angela on 3/14/2014
    I ordered this juice with my first ego kit from V4L. I didn't know what to expect and was so impressed it will be my main flavor. I try new stuff, but always go back to this one.
  • Very,very,nice
    Review by KGL on 2/28/2014
    Nice, mild, peach and tobacco flavor. Very easy to vape all day. Goes very well with other flavors, if you want to add them. I added raspberry. 18mg nic, 50/50.
  • Fantastic!
    Review by Chett E Muss on 10/19/2013
    I found this juice sitting all alone on a shelf in one of my local vape stores, no other V4L flavors to be seen. I am so happy I decided to bring it home with me. A very smooth, rich, and plentiful vapor. Perfect for after a meal, or first thing in the morning. This flavor brought me to V4L, and here I shall stay. Can't go wrong with this one folks.
  • Ok
    Review by Mandy on 11/27/2016
    Did not care for this flavor as much. Plan to add straight peach flavor to make it more enjoyable.
  • Great flavor
    Review by Adam M. on 6/3/2019
    Just recieved order today. Was anxious to try the peach tobacco. Let me say...fantastic flavor! Using a zenith mtl tank. V4L great place to order from. Very fast shipping.
  • Good
    Review by D on 9/2/2018
    Taste like more Tobacco then Peach flavor but still liked it

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