Peppermint e Cig Cartridges

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An intense burst of deliciously sweet candy cane makes Peppermint one of our hottest selling vapor flavors.

"An instant Classic" is how Vapor4Life fanatics have described Wow Vapor Peppermint Cartomizers. A cool, intense peppermint flavor very reminiscent to those delicious candy canes. These e Cig cartomizers go fast, so be sure to stock up on them when they're available! Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.

  • Always have back ups
    Review by Julie on 2/23/2018
    I always have a pack of these in my arsenal. Although I use V2 Smileomizers. These are great to have on hand when you are waiting for a order or you just want a smaller profile
  • A must-try!
    Review by Elliot on 2/18/2018
    Easily one of the greatest e-liquids ever conceived, by any company anywhere in the world, v4L's Peppermint e-juice is simply a must-try. And here, each carto comes conveniently pre-loaded with the stuff!
  • Yum!
    Review by Beth on 1/11/2018
    Love this peppermint flavor. Always enjoy receiving free samples with our order.
  • Delicious
    Review by Catalina on 12/22/2017
    This is the best peppermint I have tasted, really nice.
  • Pretty good
    Review by Tom on 11/1/2017
    This is a good cart for entry level vapor. I quit smoking using this product so it worked wonders b
  • Keep these for travel
    Review by Julie on 8/24/2017
    I try to keep a pack or two of these for travel that way I can pack all me ejuice in my check in suit cases and keep the prefilled for the flights.
  • A favorite of mine!
    Review by Beth on 8/24/2017
    Love peppermint! Nice minty flavor but not overpowering.
  • My favorite!
    Review by Beth on 8/6/2017
    My hubby prefers the regular menthol but in tasting samples the peppermint is awesome. If you like peppermint you will love these cartridges!
  • So Yummy & Refreshing!
    Review by Suze on 7/25/2017
    My favorite prefilled cartridge hands down! Tastes just like a candy cane-Love It! :)
  • Peppermint
    Review by Pamela on 7/9/2017
    Juice is great, like having an Altoid or a peppermint stick.
  • Great way to start vaping
    Review by Jordan on 6/28/2017
    Got these for my grandmother who has been a smoker for decades, I use the vapor zeus which is to complicated for her. She loves them and has not had a cigarette since
  • Perfect flavor
    Review by Megan on 1/3/2017
    This one is by far my favorite yet. I've tried a lot of different flavors and this one holds up the original flaver the most. A nice, crisp peppermint.
  • Like Candy!
    Review by Karyn on 9/13/2016
    Received this flavor as a sample and wouldn't classify it as a "menthol" category flavor. It's like peppermint candy! Awesome flavor. Still amazed at how realistic the flavors are. Loved this one! I would put it in the dessert category?
  • Very strong flavor
    Review by Jessica on 7/30/2016
    Got these as free samples, very strong peppermint flavor. Good!
  • Awesome!
    Review by Kim on 7/29/2016
    I love this cool peppermint flavor! It has quickly become my fave.
  • WOW Vapor Peppermint Cartomizers
    Review by Carto fan on 4/14/2016
    One of the best flavors out there! Definitely a must buy. Would have given 5 stars because of the flavor but I don't like the pink cartos. The cartos should be changed to red since peppermint candy and candy canes are red & white, not pink & white... just my opinion.
  • Best flavor
    Review by Mel on 4/11/2016
    Best flavor and seem to last longer than others I have tried
  • Love the flavor - wish it lasted longer
    Review by VapingMeSoftly on 4/1/2016
    I love these! The flavor is like a candy cane. Great, great, great vape. Huge vape! My only wish is that the flavor would last as long as the vape. These carts are vapetastic, but the only problem is that the great vape last longer than the flavor.
  • WOW!
    Review by Carto fanatic on 2/6/2016
    Simply one way to put it...YUM! Got this in a sampler pack in 8mg and love it. Breathe in after exhaling a hit and your mouth feels cool, like you just finished a high quality mint. Now waiting for these to be restocked so I can get more!!
  • Best Peppermint Ever!
    Review by Lora on 2/2/2016
    Tried a few other brands. This one is best tasting and best vapor of them all. I used to smoke Nuport menthols and this flavor has been the most satisfying. I great all around choice!
  • Peppermint 18
    Review by Robin McConnell on 12/21/2015
    I also love these Peppermint and I have not been able to order them the last 3 times I have ordered because they have been out of stock. What to do?
  • Finally!!!!!
    Review by Teralin Holbert on 12/9/2015
    I almost gave up on the e-cig thing! Could not find a flavor I liked. I am a full flavor menthol analog smoker...I put my V4L down for good after trying every other mentol flavor on here, until I started reading the reviews for this flavor...I said what the heck, I ordered 2 boxes, and keeping my fingers crossed I just got it in the mail. OMG! FINALLY! This is exactly (if not better) than a full menthol analog! I am in luv! Thank you! Maybe now I have a real chance of switching from the analogs! If you have ever doubted....get this flavor!!!! You WILL NOT be disappointed!!!!!!
  • WOW is right!!!!!
    Review by jessica boduch on 12/8/2015
    I ordered this b/c i ama menthol smoker and OMG this is by far the best ever!!!! now i swicth between this and wow traditional menthol and I am in heaven!!
  • WOW
    Review by Vince Mount on 11/30/2015
    best minty vape EVER.
    HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE clouds, which i demand! haha!

    incredible, and already ordering more!
    Review by Vaporella on 11/22/2015
    I vape almost all 11mg carts, but this one I LOVE in 18mg. For me, the Peppermint flavor covers any harsh throat hit that I'd get from other 18mg carts. I have also tried Vanilla, Butterscotch (my second favorite), Cafe Mocha, Apple Cinnamon Cranberry, and Peach Cobbler WOW flavors as well, and by FAR this one has the most is AMAZING! Can't say enough how much I love all the WOW vapor carts! Keep 'em coming!
  • Best one i've tried so far
    Review by Janet on 10/11/2015
    I was pretty disappointed with the selection of carts I ordered from this site, but the peppermint was delicious - tastes very minty and refreshing.
  • WOW!
    Review by PPieper on 9/15/2015
    i like strong. and this is STRONG! maybe a tad too strong? OR, just add a tad more sweetness, and it would be PERFECT. good carto!
  • Very Nice
    Review by Sean Blumberg on 8/29/2015
    I just received my Peppermint Carts Yesterday and I love them! These are just hands down awesome! They remind me of the Smooth cigs. These are going to be my ticket to switching from the real cigs. Definitely going to be ordering plenty more of these.
  • One of V4L's Top 5!
    Review by LadyPhoenix on 7/8/2015
    The Peppermint is outrageous. The flavor tastes very true, and the Vapor production is extremely good. Not too sweet either. This was my go-to vape until I discovered Chocolate Turtle. It's my #2!
  • A Cup of Hot Tea and Wow Peppermint
    Review by Iowa Gal on 6/24/2015
    This is my absolute favorite flavor. I have in multi mgs and use on a daily basis. The flavor is truely like a peppermint candy and very smooth. A little too sweet for all day, but used on a daily basis
  • Wow is it!
    Review by Paula on 5/12/2015
    I am new to V4L and I have spent over $300 in two weeks trying to find the right flavor and the right kit for me. My search is over. I Love, Love, Love the Peppermint carts. I am now two weeks smoke free. Don't buy just one buy several. Thanks V4L its fantastic!
  • Super Freshtastic!
    Review by dorian on 5/6/2015
    Love, love, LOVE it! Just like peppermint candies but not sugary. Good strong flavor but not overwhelming.
  • wow
    Review by ty on 3/22/2015
    This one will wake you up in the morning. lol. Intense flavor not a menthol person never was. However I enjoy them every once in a while. taste just like a candy cane and when fished feels like you just brushed your teeth.
  • WOW!!! Yummy!!!
    Review by Kimberly Brown on 3/7/2015
    This is my favorite vape of all. I've tried so many different ones and this is the best! A very nice peppermint flavor, great "cool" throat hit & very much like a real peppermint. This is highly recommended for those that like peppermint & those who want an excellent throat hit, which is what I look for in a vape, & am often unsatisfied. Try won't be disappointed!
  • Great!
    Review by fredzr2 on 3/1/2015
    Love the Peppermint - wonderful flavor...
  • WOW Peppermint
    Review by Jacqueline on 1/29/2015
    This was my very first flavor that my friend had let me try. This flavor was love at first vape! Wonderful thoat hit and alot of vapor! This is a must have!!
  • Yummy goodness!!
    Review by Anne on 12/30/2014
    Wow, I was blown away by this flavor! It's definitely a candy cane/peppermint flavor, but not too sweet. And there's a very nice, lingering peppermint aftertaste as well. The vapor production is every bit as good as the flavor. I will definitely re-order!
  • WOW!!!!!
    Review by Electronic cigarettes zealot on 12/12/2014
    This one is perfect I love it!!!! i would give it 10 stars and im not even a menthol smoker
  • WOW is right!
    Review by April on 12/4/2014
    I received one of these as a free sample with my order today and I loved it! The peppermint flavor is not overpowering, just right and sweet too. These will be on my list of have to keep on hand carts. Keep up the great work guys!
  • finally!
    Review by Janae Scott on 11/17/2014
    ok, i got this as a sample with one of my orders, and all i can say is.... FINALLY... i found a cart that i honestly could vape all day! let me tell you it was such a long ride.. but i decided that is is now my go to.. with great satisfying peppermint flavor and massive vapor. amazing.
  • this flavor puts the wow in WOW!
    Review by alex on 11/9/2014
    some of the flavors are very weak, but this one is awesome. great peppermint taste and kind of has a slight hint of chocolate. tastes like an awesome peppermint patty!
  • nice
    Review by Eno on 10/23/2014
    When I first used it with my manual PT, I got this really intense throat hit, which IMO was a bit overwhelming. After a couple puffs though, you just kind of get this nice hint of mint, with a nice throat hit and a productive vape. I definitely recommend it.
  • Practically perfect
    Review by Brian on 10/10/2014
    Was hesitant to try this flavor, because I don't like menthol, and was afraid it would be too similar. It isn't at all.

    This is a distinctly peppermint taste, like a candy cane or the inside of a peppermint patty. Not at all like a menthol, other than the cooling sensation that hits your mouth / throat. Crisp, refreshing, absolutely delicious. Unlike some flavors that can get old after a while, this continues to be appealing for hours - definitely has become an all-day vape for me. (and my breath stays minty-fresh!)
  • Strong but smooth
    Review by Hunter on 10/9/2014
    This is one of my top five menthol flavors. It's strong on the menthol taste, which I like, and produces nice clouds of vapor. Very nice, refreshing menthol.
  • So good
    Review by Chris Jones on 10/8/2014
    I loved these. I really dislike menthol and this was a great alternative. Its not a smoke its a breath freshener!
  • Like vaping an altoid
    Review by Melissa Alessio on 10/5/2014
    These carts are unbelievably intense...phewwwww..I thought I'd warn ya before you guys first inhale these...CAUTION: take a few short shallow puffs when you first try a cart cuz these carts open up a can of whoop @ss on your let me tell ya, guess I'm just a wimp..hehe but gosh are these things ever tasty and refreshing, just like a peppermint candy that's about half the way gone in your mouth, you definately do not need mouth wash after vaping this! I will be ordering more of these in the not too distant future...their YUMMY!!!
  • always out of stock!
    Review by gmc on 9/28/2014
    this is the best of the best! smooth ,sweet, minty! seems like supply is not meeting demand, also true for the juice too! i'd love to place a order and use some of the great promos, but cant order when supply is gone again!
  • Wonderfull!!
    Review by Kimberly on 9/15/2014
    These cartomizers are amazing, hands down the best that I have tried from from V4L. Slightly sweet but not make your teeth hurt sweet. Tons of vapor and great TH. As a former menthol smoker these really work great for me give them a try you won't be dissapointed.
  • Where's the Juice?
    Review by jatrex on 9/3/2014
    With the overwhelming amount of 5 star reviews why hasn't V4L made the juice available?
  • love this flavor
    Review by Shawn on 8/1/2014
    I used to smoke peppermint analogs and these are every bit as good (and not $8 a pack). Lots of vapor and I really like this flavor. I just wish the carto was not pink. I have to agree with others in this post, I would really like to see this in the juice.
  • I Didnt know I liked Peppermint so much!!!OMFG!
    Review by Kevin Parnell on 7/4/2014
    I got this cart as a sample with my order and im so glad the V4L crew were cool enough to let me sample this awsome vape. I probably never wouldve ordered it its one of my favs...very smooth...nice throat hit and the taste is perfection. Thanks rock.
  • Wow flavor is more like it.
    Review by Glen Whittaker on 6/29/2014
    I got one of these as a sample with my order today and I am really enjoying this flavor. It tastes exactly like peppermint candy. I was not "wowed" by the vapor production though. Seems to be comparable with the premiums. There may be a slight boost in vapor, but it's hardly noticeable. Good stuff though!
  • Absolutely what it is!
    Review by KRYPTFICTION on 6/28/2014
    this is exactly what it state's to be peppermint. I was however aware that it would be a sweeter taste. I wasn't wrong great vapor production 5/5 throat hit is smooth and nice not harsh nor will it get you choked up 4/5 and it the overall taste is a 5/5
  • Very nice candy peppermint taste
    Review by Kris Botner on 6/17/2014
    I really like these 18mg carts they taste just like peppermint hard candies, they are my second favorite with V4L RY4 in first place,
  • Candy Canes! WOW!
    Review by terry sweetser on 6/8/2014
    Got this as a sample and immediately ordered 5 packs! I am a former menthol smoker (haven't touched an analogue in 5 months!) and new flavors like this are what keep me going. In the beginning I loved flavors that mimicked cigarettes, but my tastes buds have come back and I tend to go for minty flavors instead of menthols. This is my new favorite. The one cart I had lasted me a whole day and a half! I am sold on this new flavor and this new WOW vapor! WOW!!
  • Wow Vapor is for real
    Review by Michael Conry on 5/30/2014
    I was damn near thrilled at the CLOUDS I was blowing out when first vaping Wow Peppermint 11. Tastes just like 'star mints' and the mint flavor smooths the throat hit. The only thing less than great about these is the PINK wrapper. But the CLOUDS of vapor, from the very first drag, is the deal and Wow carts have me so I'm not even thinking about what I'm missing from analogs. I will be stocking up on exclusively Wow carts from now on and I believe I've switched from the analogs forever.
  • When will WOW Peppermint be available?
    Review by Mary on 5/29/2014
    I absolutely love this flavor, it's my #1 choice. Does anyone know when it will be back in stock? I haven't been able to order these since the beginning of February.
  • Yummy!
    Review by Amber Martin on 5/14/2014
    i wanted to try the wow vapor seeing that Ive read all the reviews on them, this was a pleasant treat! its refreshing and tasty, i thought the throat hit was perfect! ill def be ording this again!
  • Smoke your tic-tacs here.
    Review by Nathan Clarke on 3/14/2014
    Like the subject says, this is like smoking peppermint tictacs. Just enough sweetness, and nailed the flavor. Good vapor production. This is definitely one of my favorites.
  • When will you be restocking ?
    Review by Sheila Shaw on 3/4/2014
    I am wholeheartedly in love with the peppermint....I miss them!! Please hurry and get some more in stock....I am having DT's ...LOL
  • AMAZING!!!!
    Review by Linda on 2/26/2014
    Didn't think it was possible, but this most recent order was incredible! Noticed the packaging was different and the carts are just a bit slimmer and longer. Flavor was even better than previous orders (didn't think that was possible) and they lasted longer. Just tried to order more, but could only order 2 boxes and had to order another flavor. I'll be watching to see when they'll have more in stock.
  • Love it!!!
    Review by Loise Johansson on 2/22/2014
    It really tastes like peppermint!
    Great vapor and throat hit.
    Totally awesome, a "must buy"!
  • refrshing
    Review by Angela Patrick on 2/14/2014
    Taste just like a brachs peppermint very sweet and smooth
  • Supreme flavor
    Review by chris on 1/24/2014
    My all day go to cart. The candy mint flavor hits you on inhalation, and comes back again for a second wave on exhale. The taste and hit are smooth and sweet. I love this flavor 100% and would recommend it to anyone because it is just spot on with the peppermint flavor. The hint of sugary candy and peppermint are a perfect blend that gives you a great smooth vape.
  • Sorry I avoided this so long...
    Review by Sir Justice de Francisco y Valor on 12/7/2013
    I was slow to try this because I wanted to vape flavors more familiar to me as a reforming menthol analog smoker.
    Big mistake!
    Try this, especially if you are a menthol smoker. My wife complained when I vaped Wow Boy I smelled too much like cigarettes on my skin. No one will be offended by this tast, and if they are kissing you, they may like it
  • Hit me
    Review by Robert Van Brunt on 12/3/2013
    I have been vaping mostly chocolate and coffee flavors and wanted to expand my vapes so ordered a pack of these bad boys.

    WoW is right vapor production was not as huge as wowboy but prolley due to the flavor and flavor it has, it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was like popping a peppermint hard candy in my throat. I like it and as soon as the juice is available i am gonna order a bottle.

    Perfect for later in the day or if you want to really get a wake up in the morning lol. I would be careful though I can see how the taste could burn you out fast and I will put in a rotation of other flavors.
  • Peppermint wow (plus Kamel wow)
    Review by Happy results on 11/16/2013
    I have successfully switched from smoking analog cigs using V4L products (going on 4th week). I am ecstatic. My brother has also just switched as well after 28 years of every-day smoking (using V4L). My secret weapon has been a 50/50 mix of this Peppermint wow juice (18 mg) + Kamel wow juice (36 mg). It is an incredible combination - satisfies all nerve endings. Out of curiosity, I A/B'd my V4L with 1 analog cigarette - and I prefer the V4L experience hands down to a real cigarette! Now the trick is to finally back down from 27 mg (where I'm currently at: [(18+36)/2] = 27), to perhaps 11 mg, then 8, then to 4 within a year. I now like vaping too much to give it up entirely, so having an assortment of different strengths is the ticket. It's hard not to be excited about this. I've also read the FDA comments on vaping, and so far, the jury is out - so 'vape on' is all I can say. V4L is such a good idea - and this Peppermint wow juice is the perfect addition to any of the other flavors.
  • Fabulous!!!
    Review by Nikki Ogg on 8/25/2013
    I read all the reviews of these online, and decided to utilize the memorial day coupon - boy am I glad I did! I have been trying to switch off of the analogs, and being a menthol smoker, I knew it would be hard, but WOW - these make it so much easier! Good throat hit, TONS of vapor and a delicious taste that isn't too overpowering - it is just perfect! Thanks so much for all the great products V4L!!!!
  • MY Favorite!!!
    Review by Angel Clagett on 7/31/2013
    This is by far my favorite flavor. It is absolutely yummy. My only complaint is it is never in stock. please make ALLOT more. Please please PLEASE!
    Review by Deb on 6/5/2013
    Tastes just like a candy cane. I never tried this flavor before but I got one as a sample a few days ago and LOVE IT. I used to be a menthol smoker, quit on mint and smilin, changed over to sweet and fruity vapes for months now.
    I suddenly want to vape a minty flavor again which shocks me. I will order these as soon as the come out with the juice. I'm happily WAITING :) .
    As for WOW vs. Premium, I have compared the both vanilla cartos and the WOW seems to have more vapor by maybe 20% which is FUN to me. When you create more vapor it does use more juice so be ready to refill. Some people say they last longer but I didn't have that experience. The cartos look just like the each other (not marked WOW) so I marked them so I could tell them apart.
  • favorite flavor
    Review by Julie g on 6/3/2013
    One of my first flavors I got in a sampler pack and is now a regular vape. Awesome flavor and vapor. Can't go wrong here.
  • Wow Peppermint
    Review by Kares on 5/27/2013
    This is the absolute best! Everyone who tried out this on my battery were bowled over by the flavour, and they are first time e-cig smokers! A great pity Vapor4Life ran out of the 18 and below nicotine strength. I hope this isn't permanent as the 24 and higher nicotine strength is just too strong.
  • Get them when you can!!!!
    Review by E-cig fan on 5/26/2013
    I'm an avid menthol smoker, and this is by far my favorite flavor and now all I smoke.
  • Candy Cane envy
    Review by linrag on 5/8/2013
    These are fantastic! Just like candy canes and peppermint candies. Very refreshing!
  • YUM
    Review by firefox335 on 4/30/2013
    These are as good as everybody says they are. The only downside is that I had to order 36mg instead of my normal 18. I will definitely buy them again.
    Review by Diana on 4/23/2013
    18mg. These are great! So Refreshing, but different then menthol! Ever So Slight Sweetness. Won't take long to go through these carts. Need the juice!
  • Great if you have tough lungs!
    Review by CDD on 3/22/2013
    These taste great, but I must be a serious baby about TH. I gave it 5 stars because if you like menthol you will LOVE this! My mom can't buy enough. I gave her all mine because I like the smooth vanilla.
  • Great to start off with
    Review by Gina on 7/1/2018
    I started vaping with these when I switched over from analogs. My brand of choice previously was a menthol brand that started with a N and the peppermint comes the closest. I also enjoyed smoking other menthol cigarettes prior and still was satisfied with the peppermint. Highly recommend this for anyone wanted to switch from analogs to vaping.
  • Might come back for these...
    Review by Vintageladyhd on 4/20/2019
    Trued a Menthol that was the reg and did not like. Stopped using V4L. Now with this new peppermint pre-filled, may come back for another try...

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