Iced Pineapple Ziip Pods

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Iced Pineapple Ziip Pods are like a chilled tropical smoothie for your soul. These handy pods, which click into your Juul device, are the ideal balance of summery fruit flavor and wintry frost, treating your taste buds to a unique flavor experience that’s hard to put down. These Pineapple Ice Ziip Pods 4-pack are available in 50, 30, 18mg of nicotine salt flavor.

Iced Pineapple Ziip Pods

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Menthol lovers will dig the icy flavor that comes in after the sweet pineapple taste on the inhale. The minty essence of Iced Pineapple Ziip Pods mixes well with the succulent pineapple taste and doesn’t come across as too overpowering. These pods are a great option for former menthol smokers who want to try more inventive Ziip flavors, but don’t want to give up the icy chill of mint.

Pick up a pack of Iced Pineapple Ziip Pods ASAP.

  • Best flavor out there!
    Review by Lizzy on 2/27/2019
    This is so incredibly good, I buy multiple every time I order! Soft sweetness with a minty finish, it is absolutely perfect in my opinion!
  • JUUL Compatible?
    Review by StormChronos17 on 4/21/2019
    Wondering if it’s JUUL Compatible.
  • Pineapple Wow!
    Review by Douglas on 12/4/2018
    Best flavor I've ever tried! I really love Pineapple and this flavor is tropical, smooth and amazing . Highly recommended!
  • Favorite!
    Review by Jp on 10/28/2018
    The best flavor on this site by far! My favorite pods ever.
  • Ehh... Not the worst I've had, but nowhere near the flavor described
    Review by Juulrulez on 2/16/2019
    This is only the 3rd flavor I've tried from this brand of compatible pods. Ziip iced pineapple is just so so... In my opinion it should be called "artificial iced pineapple" tastes fake, i taste banana to be honest. That candy kind of banana flavor. Not like bitting into a Chiquita though! If you enjoy those artifical fruit flavors, you might like this. So far,... The mango and iced mango ziip pods hold 1st place so far. Now im going to give the strawberry lemonade a go.

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