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Pineapple e Juice (30 mL)

Now you can carry your own island paradise in your pocket or purse and take it wherever you go with this amazing Pineapple E Juice. Fill your Smileomizer or tank and spend the day soaking in the sun's rays as you vape and daydream about the ocean. The exotic essence of fresh Hawaiian pineapple pleasantly balances tangy and sweet flavors to give you a taste of the tropics that you can indulge in all year long. Intensify the beachside feeling by adding a little bit of Vapor4Life's Almond Coconut E Juice and enjoy a pina colada sans alcohol and calories.

Buy Pineapple e-Juice Today at V4L

Vapor4Life's succulent pineapple vape juice flavor has the perfect splash of pineapple flavoring in it to remind you of your favorite island getaway. Sit back and vape pineapple eLiquid today!

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  • Nice and bright flavors
    Review by Lynn on 3/21/2018
    I love the light fruity taste of this one. Nice and refreshing.
  • my favorite VALLEY fruit flavor
    Review by Calamity Jane on 9/27/2017
    My goal to, v4L fruit flavor!
  • Tropical goodness
    Review by Brian on 2/27/2017
    Reminds me of the beach...tasty indeed!
  • Wow
    Review by jennyann on 1/4/2017
    Wow this is a fantastic flavor. It's a go to flavor not too sweet just like a pineapple
  • Whoa!!!
    Review by Jake on 11/25/2016
    This hella dope!!!
  • Perfection
    Review by Joy on 9/14/2016
    Can truly taste the pineapple in this juice!! Very nice sweet fresh taste!
  • Trully Pineapple!
    Review by Kim on 8/24/2016
    I find this a little too strong of a pineapple flavor for me on it's own, but it is awesome mixed with the sweet orange & regular orange juice. I mix about 1/3 of the pineapple & 2/3 of one of the orange flavors.
  • Tastes like pineapples!
    Review by Elliot on 8/22/2016
    This e-liquid really does taste like pineapples, which means this is a great flavor for mixing with other flavors -- piña colada, anyone? It has a solid throat hit at 2.4% nicotine, produces decent vapor, and, as for smileomizer longevity, I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars. A real winner!
  • Not to sweet
    Review by Jennifer on 7/24/2016
    It's ok, it does taste like pineapple but not enough for me. Pineapple being my favorite fruit, I guess I was expecting that taste. But worth a try.
  • Perfect
    Review by RYAN on 2/5/2016
    I've never found another flavor better than this.
  • grate
    Review by Earl Carmichael on 8/18/2015
    relay dose task like pineapple i was WOW
  • Great stuff
    Review by youfillintheblank on 2/13/2015
    Definitely tastes like Pineapple, but I found the flavour a little soft. It's not very strong, which is OK, but has great vapour. This will be a staple.
  • Love it.
    Review by Kim on 2/10/2015
    Pineapple is one of the few sweet flavors that doesn't has a perfume taste, it is one of my three go to flavors I love it. Need more 0% in stock please :)
  • Really does taste like pineapple
    Review by E-cig fanatic on 1/11/2015
    This Vapor definitely does taste like a real pineapple, I really like it. I do have to say I got a bit of an odd aftertaste, maybe just my tastebuds.
  • Taste
    Review by Cheryl on 11/19/2014
    This is a awesome juice!! I'm hooked...lol
  • New Second Favorite!!!!
    Review by Jim Casey on 6/10/2014
    I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I actually meant to order the carts, but I ordered a bottle of juice instead. Black Licorice is still my #1 but man, after i tried this juice it shot right up to my #2 favorite. I vape the 36mg and it has good flavor and good vapor and nice throat hit, that is not harsh. All in all really great Vape!!
  • Amazing
    Review by AmyLou on 2/6/2014
    Tastes like ripe pineapple! Love it
  • Solid Flavor BUT Has a Bite
    Review by Darryl on 10/25/2013
    I seldom rate a product 5 stars as it represents perfect. In the case of Pineapple WOW (18), I find most WOW products pretty good. I rated it 4 with a slight slant towards 3.5. The initial taste and aroma is solid pineapple however I found it to have a somewhat harsh throat feel. I found that blending it with Blueberry, Sour Cherry and Apple tend to tone down the throat feel and offered a good solid fruit blend without being overbearing. My next blend will be with Mango to see how that fares.
    VAPOR4LIFE remains the best online store I have found with good products and service.
  • Amazing
    Review by JE on 10/10/2013
    I thought the Premium Pineapple was good, the Wow version is a huge improvement! It has that distinctive 'bitter' pineapple taste that you get from an almost ripe pineapple. If you want the taste of a sweet ripe pineapple, grab the Premium instead.
  • Yum
    Review by Jan on 9/8/2013
    My go to flavor!! The taste is just perfect!
  • My favorite
    Review by Jan on 7/6/2013
    This is my favorite. Tastes exactly like sweet pineapple. It's always in my shopping cart
  • WOW Pineapple is perfect
    Review by Mersild on 4/2/2013
    Lov'n Pineapple! Terrific on its own and mixes well with Melon and Peach.
  • Great taste!
    Review by Wendy on 6/25/2017
    If you like pineapple you'll love this. It is the closest thing I've tasted did far to tall pineapple in a juice. Plus, since I don't like super sweet flavors, this is great because it doesn't have that taste.
  • Eh
    Review by c b on 1/11/2018
    Not as good as I'd hoped
  • Ok
    Review by christie on 10/1/2017
    Trust was ok by not as sweet as I thought I'd be
  • Like it
    Review by Melissa on 7/30/2016
    I love pineapple and thought I would really like this. This first full tank was great, but the taste can get a bit old, need to switch it up with other flavors then come back to this again. I can't continue to use this same flavor until the bottle is gone. It is a very bold flavor.

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